Labour hopes to cut net migration to around 200,000

The party says it wants migration to return to "normal levels", depending (...)

Tax break for businesses made permanent

A policy allowing firms to deduct machinery and equipment costs from their (...)

What the Autumn Statement means for you and your money

Now the speech has been delivered, what does it mean for your finances in (...)

Autumn Statement: Hunt denies tax cuts were pre-election giveaway

The chancellor insists his financial plans are not "crowd-pleasing" and he (...)

Austerity warning for public services after tax cuts

The tax cuts in the Autumn Statement will come at the expense of public services, (...)

Barbie movie added £80m to UK economy and used 6,000 extras, Warner Bros says

The hit movie was partly shot at the Warner Bros studios in Hertfordshire, (...)

Interest rates expected to be held after small economic growth

Higher borrowing costs are weighing on the UK, say analysts, after the economy (...)

UK facing permanent higher taxes, IFS think tank says

A study says taxes will reach 37% of national income by next election - the (...)

UK economy grew faster than estimated since Covid

New figures show the economy has grown by 1.8% since the start of the pandemic, (...)

The deep rooted problem holding back the UK economy

The UK has an underinvestment crisis - our future prosperity depends on this (...)

Richest oil states should pay climate tax, says Gordon Brown

The former Labour PM wants the wealthiest oil producers to help poorer nations (...)

Labour pledges more watchdog power after Truss mini-budget

Sir Keir Starmer says huge damage was done to the economy and can not be allowed (...)

Inflation falls - but things could get worse for many households

Although pay deals are now matching the rising cost of living, household finances (...)

Tim Gurner apologises over call for more unemployment to fix worker attitudes

Tim Gurner backtracks over his call for "pain in the economy" to remind people (...)

UK economy shrinks more than expected as rain and strikes hit

Official figures show the UK economy contracted by 0.5% in July, more than (...)

Tim Gurner: Australian tycoon calls for layoffs to fix worker attitudes

Tim Gurner says "we need to see pain in the economy" to remind people they (...)

Triple lock means state pension set to rise by 8.5% in April

It will be the second significant rise in the state pension in two years, (...)

China exports fall again as economy struggles

The declines in trade were not as bad as expected and an improvement on the (...)

Country Garden: Debt-laden China property giant in record loss

Country Garden warns it may default on its debt, adding to concerns about (...)

UK economy made stronger recovery during Covid

Revised official figures reveal that the UK grew at the end of 2021 rather (...)

How robotaxis are dividing San Francisco

The city has become the crucible of an experiment - are robotaxis ready for (...)

John Lewis joins M&S and Tesco in cutting price of period pants

The price of the garments will fall by the current rate of VAT at John Lewis (...)

UK faces ‘heightened recession risks’ as interest rates bite

The UK economy is set to shrink between July and September and risks a downturn, (...)

Robotaxi expansion gets green light in San Francisco

Companies hailed the moment as a milestone for the driverless car industry, (...)

Warm weather in June boosts UK economy

Higher temperatures helped better-than-expected quarterly growth but fears (...)

Period pants should not be subject to 20% VAT, say firms

Marks & Spencer and period pants brand WUKA are asking the government to remove (...)

Italian banks hit with surprise windfall tax

The potential one-off tax on the profits banks earn from higher interest rates (...)

Amazon online sales improve despite economy fears

The firm said more efficient deliveries helped boost sales and profits in (...)

US jobs market holds steady despite rate rises

Employers added 187,000 jobs in July raising hopes that the economy will avoid (...)

Ex-US bank head to review Bank of England forecasts

Nobel Prize-winning economist Ben Bernanke will look at how the Bank of England (...)

How does the UK economy compare to other countries?

Britain is struggling with issues such as high inflation but are other nations (...)

UK inflation and interest rates high - how do other economies compare?

UK inflation and interest rates are high but if you include growth, jobs and (...)

Petrol stations accused of pocketing fuel duty cut

Treasury Select Committee chair claims retailers not customers benefitted (...)

US economy stronger than reported at start of 2023

The new data could bolster the case for higher interest rates.

Debt ceiling: Janet Yellen warns US could run out of cash by 1 June

The Treasury Secretary has warned of "serious harm" to the economy if it hits (...)

ExxonMobil reports record first-quarter profits of $11.4bn

The energy giant says the profits came despite paying about $200m (£160m) (...)

Sri Lanka: $3bn IMF bailout for struggling economy

The deal is a lifeline for the country which is facing its worst economic (...)

Corporation tax: Jeremy Hunt confirms rise to 25% from April

The chancellor confirms corporation tax will go up but opposition is expected (...)

What the Budget means for you and your money

Childcare, energy bill support, pensions and more will affect your finances. (...)

HSBC swoops in to rescue UK arm of Silicon Valley Bank

The Bank of England and Prime Minister worked all night to secure a deal involving (...)

UK economy rebounds as Rishi Sunak says confidence is returning

The economy grew by more than expected in January, helped by higher school (...)

Budget 2023: What could be in it and when will it happen?

The government will reveal how much of our money it will take in taxes and (...)

Budget 2023: What is it and when will it happen?

The government will reveal how much of our money it will take in taxes and (...)

Can the next Bank of Japan boss fix the country’s economy?

Kazuo Ueda has been nominated to replace Haruhiko Kuroda as the governor of (...)

Council tax: Millions facing 5% increases from April

Three-quarters of English councils with social care duties are planning the (...)

Global recession warning as World Bank cuts economic forecast

The 2023 growth forecast for the global economy is cut to 1.7% as a result (...)

Third of world in recession this year, IMF head warns

Kristalina Georgieva says 2023 will be "tougher" than last year as the global (...)

Trump Organization found guilty of tax crimes after New York trial

The business is synonymous with the former president, but neither he or his (...)

HMRC closes phone lines due to technical fault

The tax authority has urged people to access information online as they seek (...)

Autumn Statement: When is it and how will it affect me?

With the UK facing a cost-of-living crisis the government is set to unveil (...)

Recession looms as UK economy starts to shrink

It comes after the Bank of England warned the UK is facing a two-year financial (...)

Jeremy Hunt: Everyone will have to pay more tax

The chancellor also tells the BBC he wants to make sure any recession is as (...)

US economy resilient despite rising prices

News of better-than-expected growth comes weeks before the midterm elections. (...)

Shell pays no UK windfall tax despite profits jump

The energy giant reports $9.5bn in profits, its second highest quarterly earnings (...)

UK tax and spending plan pushed back by two weeks, says Hunt

The much-anticipated statement will now take place on 17 November, the chancellor (...)

Can Sunak steer economy through crisis?

The new prime minister must restore market credibility, tackle inflation and (...)

Rishi Sunak: What will the new PM mean for my money?

The new prime minister says there are "difficult decisions to come" and that (...)

Google and Microsoft hit by slowing economy

The tech giants say customers are cutting back amid growing signs of an economic (...)

Pound rises and borrowing costs fall as chancellor moves to calm markets

Government borrowing costs fall and sterling climbs as most of the mini-budget (...)

Big and painful cuts needed to fix budget, says IFS

Public spending needs to fall by £60bn to balance the books if tax cuts go (...)

Recession risk rises as economy unexpectedly shrinks

The surprise 0.3% drop strengthens predictions that the UK will fall into (...)

Kwasi Kwarteng U-turns on plans to scrap 45p tax rate

Kwasi Kwarteng says the proposal was "drowning out a strong package" to boost (...)

Ground should have been laid for tax cuts, admits Liz Truss

But the prime minister says she sticks by her mini budget, despite a bad reaction (...)

Tory conference: We must stay the course, insists Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng

Kwasi Kwarteng will defend his tax cuts during his Conservative Party conference (...)

EU agrees windfall tax on energy firms

The EU has agreed to implement levies on energy firms which are benefiting (...)

UK not in recession, new figures suggest

The economy grew in the second quarter of this year, but it remains smaller (...)

Liz Truss admits disruption after tax cut pledges

The prime minister acknowledges that her economic plans will "involve disruption (...)

What happened to the UK economy, pound and mortgages this week?

The last seven days have been a rollercoaster with mortgage costs and the (...)

The banker who swapped finances for fighting

Manya Klempner explains why she left the world of banking to set up a business (...)

Thousands complain to HMRC about tax repayments

The number of people complaining to HMRC about companies claiming tax repayments (...)

Minister rejects U-turn on tax-cutting mini-Budget

Financial Secretary to the Treasury Andrew Griffith said they were the "right (...)

IMF openly criticises UK government tax plans

The UK government proposals will work at "cross purposes" with the cost-of-living (...)

Keir Starmer: Labour would reverse cut to top income tax rate

Scrapping the 45% rate is the "wrong choice" during a cost-of living crisis, (...)

Labour conference: Rachel Reeves pledges to spend top rate tax on more nurses

The shadow chancellor says Labour is now the party of economic responsibility (...)

Falling pound: What does it mean for me and my finances?

The value of the pound touched a record low against the dollar on Monday after (...)

Stamp duty cut in bid to help house buyers

The chancellor says the changes mean 200,000 more house buyers will no longer (...)

Income tax to be cut by 1p from April

The basic rate of income tax will fall by 1p from April with most people paying (...)

Mini-budget: What it means for you and your finances

Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng has delivered what the government calls a "fiscal (...)

Pound sinks as investors question huge tax cuts

Markets worry over the outlook for government finances following the biggest (...)

Pound hits new 37-year low as retail sales slide

Weaker-than-expected sales figures send sterling lower as fears grow for the (...)

First US rail strike in 30 years averted with tentative deal - Biden

A strike would have impacted millions and cost the economy an estimated $2bn (...)

Cost-of-living calendar – dates for your diary

Dates to look out for over the next few months that might have an impact on (...)

House price growth at 10% a year despite squeeze on finances

Rising mortgage rates mean price growth is likely to ease, according to the (...)

CEO Secrets: Mopping the floor and a lesson in feedback

Steve Vamos of accounting software firm Xero shares his business advice for (...)

What will happen to energy bills and mortgages? Upcoming dates to be aware of

Dates to look out for over the next few months that might have an impact on (...)

Tory leadership: Liz Truss dodging scrutiny of tax plans, claims Sunak

Rishi Sunak steps up attacks on Tory leadership frontrunner as the contest (...)

Tencent sees first sales fall as China economy slows

The WeChat owner is also feeling the effects of a regulatory clampdown on (...)

Tory leadership race: Tax cut pledges are unrealistic, says IFS

Slashing taxes would add to pressures on public finances unless spending is (...)

UK economy shrinks as outlook on recession darkens

The economy shrank by 0.1% leading some experts to warn a recession could (...)

Liz Truss defends energy firms saying profit is not evil

The Tory leader hopeful says profit is not "dirty" and windfall taxes were (...)

How will a recession hit the UK housing market?

The UK economy is forecast to shrink this year but what will it mean for first-time (...)

US economy shrinks again sparking recession fears

The US economy contracted at an annual rate of 0.9% in the three months to (...)

US economy shrinks again sparking recession fears

The US economy contracted at an annual rate of 0.9% in the three months to (...)

Apple and Amazon sales up despite rising prices

The companies are closely watched for signs of how people are spending as (...)

Apple and Amazon sales up despite rising prices

The companies are closely watched for signs of how people are spending as (...)

Truss tax plans accused of breaking spending rules

Tax cut plans mean higher borrowing or lower public spending, or both, says (...)

IMF: UK set for slowest growth of G7 countries in 2023

The IMF cuts its UK forecast for 2023 and says the global economy is "teetering (...)

New chancellor Nadhim Zahawi pledges to control rising prices

The government will deliver "sound public finances", the new chancellor said (...)

Cutting UK taxes now would be a mistake, says IMF

Tax cuts could be misguided and might boost inflation by strengthening spending, (...)

Tory leadership race: Rivals battle over tax cutting pledges

Tax has emerged as a key battleground in the race to replace Boris Johnson (...)

Tax cut beauty contest could turn ugly

Many candidates vying to become Tory party leader are eyeing tax cuts, but (...)

UK government debt on unsustainable path unless taxes hiked, says OBR

Energy prices and an ageing population risk more pressure on the economy, (...)

Will Nadhim Zahawi change tack on the economy?

All eyes are on whether the new chancellor adopts a different approach to (...)

Two million more people paying higher rate tax

The number of workers in higher income tax bands has risen by almost two million (...)

Global inflation: Five ways US rate rise will affect you

The impact of higher interest rates in the US will cascade through the global (...)

Interest-free loan scheme aims to reach 20,000 people

People struggling with their finances can access small, zero-cost loans as (...)

Global stock markets fall as economy fears grow

The Dow Jones share index closed below 30,000 at its lowest level in more (...)

Landlady gives up pub as quarterly energy bills near £30,000

Many businesses are grappling with rising costs at a time when consumers are (...)

Fears for UK economy grow as higher prices bite

The economy contracted by 0.3% in April after it shrank by 0.1% in March, (...)

Audit reforms aim to prevent accounting scandals

A new watchdog will prevent sudden large-scale collapses like Carillion and (...)

Sector must improve lorry driver conditions or face tax, MPs say

The haulage industry should be given two years to make changes or face a new (...)

Cost of living package will have minimal impact on inflation, says Rishi Sunak

The chancellor defends measures to help with the cost of living, which he (...)

Why the volatile price of aluminium matters

From door frames to aircraft and food packaging - how soaring prices will (...)

Cost of living: Labour to call vote on windfall tax for oil and gas companies

It is shameful not to raise extra money from oil and gas firms amid the rising (...)

Recession fears grow as rising prices hit spending

People spent less in shops and cut down on car journeys leading to the economy (...)

US economy contracts as Ukraine war hits trade

The economy shrank in the first three months of the year, figures show, its (...)

UK set for slowest growth in G7 as Ukraine war hits global economy

The Ukraine war will "severely set back" global growth with the UK hit harder (...)

Council tax rebate: Warning issued over new scam pretending to offer £150

Fraudsters are cold-calling people asking for bank details to receive the (...)

National Insurance rise starts to hit pay packets

The prime minister says it is fair for some to face an extra tax burden to (...)

Money saving tips: How to cut spending as energy bills rise

Four experts share practical ways to protect your finances and soften the (...)

Money saving tips: How to budget as energy bills rise

Four experts share practical ways to protect your finances and soften the (...)

Pub chain warns of higher food prices as VAT rises

With hospitality businesses facing soaring costs, some are warning they will (...)

HMRC must do more to recover taxes unpaid due to pandemic, say MPs

The total tax debt in the UK now stands at £39bn, more than double what it (...)

US jobless claims at lowest level since 1969

The last time the jobless claims were this low America landed a man on the (...)

Spring Statement: Is this really the biggest personal tax cut for 25 years?

The Spring Statement cut some taxes but, overall, the government has raised (...)

IMF: Ukraine economy could shrink as much as 35%

Ukraine is facing a severe recession as a result of the Russian invasion, (...)

Ukraine brings significant economic uncertainty, Rishi Sunak warns

The UK economy rebounds in January but the chancellor warns of uncertainty (...)

Taxpayer left to pay billions due to Covid fraud, say MPs

Public Accounts Committee report says the taxpayer is exposed to long-term (...)

Fines loom for late self-assessment tax returns

Nearly 1.5 million people are still to file and so could face fines from the (...)

Students to pay off loans into their 60s, plans say

The government announces a shake-up of student finance in England to reduce (...)

Losing Southeastern franchise to cost Go-Ahead £81m

Go-Ahead Group was stripped of the franchise in 2021 after failing to declare (...)

Do more to spur investment, firms urge government

The trade body says firms need help as they face the highest tax burden in (...)

HMRC seizes NFT for first time in £1.4m fraud case

The tax authority says it is the first UK law enforcement body to seize a (...)

BP profits surge amid calls for windfall tax

The energy giant benefited from higher oil and gas prices last year.

Most homes to get energy bill discount of £350

Millions will get a repayable £200 rebate, with a further £150 council tax (...)

Fuel and excise duty must be replaced with new tax, MPs say

The UK will be left with a £35bn "black hole" as motorists switch to electric (...)

India says it will launch digital rupee as soon as this year

It is the latest major economy to announce its own virtual currency, as China (...)

Two million people miss tax return deadline

Penalties for late filing will not be enforced for another month, HM Revenue (...)

Graduates in England facing tax rise by stealth, says IFS

The warning from the IFS comes as the threshold for repaying student loans (...)

Kwarteng: No U-turn on National Insurance tax rise

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng says a National Insurance rise to fund the (...)

‘They were like bandits’ - how did the rich get richer?

Did a Bank of England policy to save the UK economy during the financial crash (...)

IMF expert: Families may need help with energy bills

The IMF says the global economy is entering 2022 in a weaker position than (...)

China cuts interest rates as economic growth slows

Compared to a year earlier, the economy grew 4% in the last three months of (...)

UK economy above pre-Covid levels in November

Faster than expected growth meant the economy was 0.7% larger than in February (...)

World Bank warns global economy faces grim outlook

The bank predicts a "pronounced slowdown", with global economic growth falling (...)

UK steel future uncertain without US tariffs deal

Europe has reached an agreement over Trump-era taxes but the UK is still facing (...)

Interest rates: What are they and why do they matter?

The Bank Rate is one of the main tools used to keep the economy growing steadily. (...)

How the interest rate rise affects you

Few people face an immediate impact on their finances, but the rising Bank (...)

Interest rates rise for first time in three years

Policymakers increase rates from their historic low despite fears that Omicron (...)

UK economy stutters as health sector drives growth

The economy grew by 0.9% between August and October reflecting strong growth (...)

Plan B: How will the changes affect the economy?

Nightclubs, restaurants and shops could be hit by new Covid curbs, but many (...)

Uber prices could rise 20% after UK ruling

In a move that will affect the whole taxi industry, a judge has ruled Uber (...)

Shell plans to move headquarters to the UK

The oil giant will shift its tax residence from the Netherlands to the UK (...)

UK economic growth slows as supply problems hit the recovery

The economy grew by 1.3% between July and September, with supply chain problems (...)

US central bank is reducing its bond-buying programme

The US central bank will reduce the $120bn a month support introduced to help (...)

US sees strong jobs growth as wages edge higher

Employers took on 531,000 extra workers in October in a sign the economy is (...)

What an interest rate rise would mean for your finances

Few people face an immediate impact on their finances, but a rising Bank rate (...)

G20: World leaders agree to historic corporate tax deal

Leaders at the G20 in Rome endorse a proposal that sets a minimum tax rate (...)

US growth slows to just 2% as Delta hits economy

The US economy slowed sharply in the third quarter as the Delta variant of (...)

Budget 2021: Sunak promises new post-Covid economy

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is outlining further details of his spending plans (...)

Budget 2021: Prosecco and pint taxes to fall, red wine to rise

A shake-up of alcohol duty is announced by the chancellor, with higher taxes (...)

Budget 2021: Price rises could hit highest rate in 30 years, says forecaster

The economy is set to return to pre-Covid levels at the end of the year, but (...)

Why 2.3 million US children could miss out on expanded tax credit

About 67 million US children are eligible for new benefits, but some of the (...)

You may be able to book a flying taxi within three years

Firms are racing to bring flying taxis and the mini-airports they need into (...)

The tax fraud merry-go-round that cost billions

A former banker is now a poster boy for a scandal described as "the theft (...)

Nations agree to 15% minimum corporate tax rate

The historic deal is designed to make big corporations pay a fairer share (...)

What is the minimum wage and how much is it?

In his party conference speech, Boris Johnson said he wants to move to a "high-wage" (...)

Council tax could rise by £220, say researchers

Households in England could see bills jump within three years, says the Institute (...)

Conservative conference: We have the guts to change the UK, claims Johnson

The PM will promise a high-wage, high-skill economy, as he makes his Conservative (...)

Overseas workers only way to solve shortages, says Next boss

Next boss Lord Wolfson says hiring overseas workers under a visa tax scheme (...)

Stamp duty holiday: Success or failure?

As stamp duty returns to its pre-pandemic status, there are opposing views (...)

Boohoo sales soar but shipping costs dent profits

The fast fashion retailer saw pre-tax profits hit by high shipping costs in (...)

Restaurants warn prices will rise due to VAT hike

The increased sales tax will be passed on to customers, say restaurant and (...)

Southeastern stripped of franchise over undeclared funding

Southeastern failed to declare more than £25m of taxpayer funding that should (...)

Gas price crisis: Food firms face huge price rise for carbon dioxide

The US supplier of CO2, which will receive millions in UK taxpayer support (...)

Amazon pays £492m in UK tax as sales surge to £20.6bn

The online retail giant saw UK sales rise by 50% last year amid a Covid-driven (...)

Why tax pay packets more and not property?

The pandemic response has spurred a greater willingness to tax wages rather (...)

US jobs growth disappoints as recovery falters

The US economy added just 235,000 jobs in August, according to the Bureau (...)

South Korea becomes first major Asian economy to raise interest rates

The move comes as central banks around the world prepare to exit emergency (...)

House prices: Demand changes, not tax waiver, pushed prices up

The stamp duty holiday did not cause rising house prices, the Resolution Foundation (...)

The $8bn EV company you’ve probably never heard of

Electric vehicle firm Arrival is worth $8bn (£5.7bn) - and is only making (...)

US economy adds more jobs than expected in July

US employers added 943,000 jobs in July, while the unemployment rate fell (...)

EU puts its digital tax plan on ice

The EU says suspending the plan will help achieve a global tax deal, but Ireland (...)

G20 finance ministers back deal to tax companies

The plan aims to make companies pay their "fair share" by setting a minimum (...)

Cairn Energy gets right to seize Indian assets in tax row

Oil and gas firm Cairn Energy gets backing from a French court in a tax row (...)

Wetherspoons warns price of meals to rise if VAT goes up

The pub chain says it will put up the price of meals in its pubs if a VAT (...)

Public finances vulnerable to shocks after Covid, says watchdog

Government debt has soared as the costs of Covid mount, says the Office for (...)

US jobs growth picks up speed amid reopening

The US economy added 850,000 jobs in June, according to the Bureau of Labour (...)

Global tax overhaul backed by 130 countries

The OECD, which led the talks, announces that many have backed plans for a (...)

Trump Organization expected to be charged over tax

The firm and its chief financial officer are set to be charged with tax-related (...)

Inaccurate gas and electricity bills criticised

The problem puts an extra strain on finances already affected by the pandemic, (...)

John McAfee: Anti-virus creator found dead in prison cell

The software mogul is found dead hours after a Spanish court allowed his extradition (...)

UK economy lags behind other countries in Covid recovery

The G20 major economies grow slightly compared with pre-pandemic levels, but (...)

G7: Rich nations back deal to tax multinationals

G7 finance ministers have agreed to work together to create a "level playing (...)

US economy adds fewer jobs than forecast despite reopening

US employers added 559,000 jobs in May as restrictions eased, although the (...)

British exports worth billions have faced EU tariffs since Brexit

Despite the tariff-free deal agreed with the EU, a study finds up to £3.5bn (...)

US economy accelerates as recovery continues

The economy grew strongly in the first quarter of 2021 helped by heavy government (...)

Samsung heirs to pay record inheritance tax

The Lee family will pay more than $10bn, one of the largest ever inheritance (...)

Covid costs push government borrowing to highest since WW2

The government borrowed £303bn in the year to March, reflecting the cost (...)

Climate change: Shipping industry calls for new global carbon tax

The global shipping industry wants governments to tax their carbon emissions (...)

Why global tax talks are back on the agenda

International efforts to reform business taxation have been given new impetus (...)

Tax wealth to help shrink inequality caused by Covid says IMF

Inequality had widened in the year since the virus first hit the global economy, (...)

Consumption Tax Trends: Key findings for Portugal

The Portuguese standard VAT rate is 23.0%, which is above the OECD average. (...)

Budget: Rishi Sunak promises help as Covid restrictions ease

But the chancellor says he wants "to be honest" with the public about the (...)

Budget 2021: The challenge facing Rishi Sunak

The BBC looks at the state of the UK economy ahead of the spring Budget.

Budget 2021: Mortgage guarantee to help buyers with 5% deposit

The chancellor says public finances are facing a "challenge" from the impact (...)

Budget 2021: £5bn fund to help High Street recover from Covid

Grants for 700,000 firms come as Rishi Sunak warns public finances face a (...)

Freeports: What are they and will they make the UK money?

Rishi Sunak thinks the low-tax zones will boost struggling parts of the UK (...)

Fraudsters stepped up efforts in new year, HMRC figures show

Con-artists claimed people could receive a tax rebate or a grant, as they (...)

UK finances see first January deficit in 10 years

Government borrowing hit £8.8bn last month, the highest January figure since (...)

UK government borrowing hits highest January level since records began

It is the first time in 10 years that more have been borrowed than collected (...)

House prices up 8.5% in 2020 amid tax holiday

Prices climbed at their fastest annual rate since October 2014, official figures (...)

UK economy poised like a coiled spring, says Bank economist

Andy Haldane says the UK economy will surge back this spring thanks to the (...)

UK economy suffered record annual slump in 2020

The size of the economy shrank by 9.9% in 2020 as coronavirus restrictions (...)

US airline set to buy flying electric taxis for airport runs

United Airlines plans to buy 200 of the aircraft to fly passengers to airports (...)

US job growth sluggish as virus hampers recovery

The US economy added just 49,000 jobs in January, with the hospitality sector (...)

HMRC waives penalty for late filing of self-assessments

Self-employed people will not be fined if they file their tax returns online (...)

Barclaycard customers face higher minimum payments

The changes affecting some customers take effect as finances are squeezed (...)

Coronavirus: How the pandemic has changed the world economy

Key maps and charts explain how the virus has impacted markets and businesses (...)

Covid: Labour attacks Sunak over strategy to help economy

The shadow chancellor claims her Tory counterpart has called the crisis wrong (...)

UK borrowing hits highest December level on record

Government borrowing hit £34.1bn last month, as the cost of pandemic support (...)

How much can Joe Biden get done on the US economy?

The new US president may have more scope to make change than initially thought. (...)

OECD: Lockdowns here to stay, even with vaccine plan

The economic think-tank tips a better economy in 2021 but success will depend (...)

US hit as jobs fall for first time since April

The US economy lost 140,000 jobs in December, as rising coronavirus cases (...)

US backs down from tariffs over French tech giant taxes

The decision comes less than three weeks before US President Donald Trump (...)

Brexit: Problems grow at UK ports with backlogs and delays

Many retailers believe they will be paying taxes on exports of goods that (...)

Snapchat boss: US faces ‘century of competition’

The billionaire founder of messaging app Snapchat also said he was "happy" (...)

Trump trade chief wants WTO leadership race reopened

Picking a new leader for the WTO will be a challenge for Joe Biden as the (...)

Uber sells off flying taxi unit

Elevate is the second business Uber has sold off this week as the company (...)

Treasury eyes VAT charges for gig economy firms

The "shared economy" has grown rapidly thanks to technology platforms like (...)

Japan announces new Covid-19 stimulus for economy

The $708bn (£530bn) package includes subsidies for green investment and spending (...)

Job growth slows in US as virus cases surge

The US economy added just 245,000 jobs in November - far less than expected. (...)

Will vaccines save the UK economy?

Vaccines could give businesses the confidence to invest, stopping job cuts (...)

Spending Review: Council tax likely to rise, says think-tank

The IFS says the Spending Review means council tax could rise an average £70 (...)

If public spending was £100, how would it be split?

Every year the chancellor doles out billions of pounds of taxpayer money, (...)

What is the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)?

The deal is almost a decade in the making and covers nearly a third of the (...)

Switzerland moves to close bribery loophole

Bribes paid to private individuals will stop being tax deductible from 2022, (...)

Asian trade mega-pact set to be signed this weekend

The deal is almost a decade in the making and covers nearly a third of the (...)

Capital gains tax: Rate should double, says government review

The chancellor commissioned the report in July as part of efforts to cover (...)

Capital gains tax: Overhaul urged by government body

The chancellor commissioned the report in July as part of efforts to cover (...)

Climate change: A tale of frequent fliers and weird electricity

Tackling climate change will need action right across society and the economy (...)

Five questions for Joe Biden on the economy

Coronavirus, climate, taxes, tech and trade - what will Joe Biden do?

Chinese President Xi opens up to more trade deals and imports

The Chinese president has called for more cooperation in international trade (...)

Former BHS owner jailed for six years for tax evasion

A court heard Dominic Chappell spent the money that was owed on two yachts (...)

US growth surged in summer but recovery is slowing

The US economy grew 7.4% over the quarter, but output remains lower than last (...)

UK economic growth slows despite restaurant boost

The economy grew 2.1% in August, below expectations, despite a lift from Eat (...)

Pace of UK economic growth slows in August

The economy expanded by 2.1%, helped by the Eat Out to Help Out scheme, but (...)

Anti-virus creator John McAfee arrested over tax evasion charges

The anti-virus creator faces extradition to the US for allegedly failing to (...)

European Commission to challenge Apple tax bill verdict

EU court ruling that the tech giant does not have to pay hefty back taxes (...)

Rishi Sunak: VAT cut to be extended for hospitality sector

The chancellor has announced that a VAT cut to 5% across hospitality and tourism (...)

Low tax on heating is bad for climate, report says

The rich benefit most from a de facto subsidy for home heating, a report says. (...)

Rising virus rates threaten economy, warns Bank

Bank of England says a no-deal Brexit is another risk as it keeps interest (...)

US budget deficit soars to $3tn record

Coronavirus aid programmes have prompted the gap between spending and tax (...)

Amazon pays £290m in UK tax as sales surge to £14bn

The tech giant has faced scrutiny over its UK tax bill, but says it pays "all (...)

Coronavirus: Working from home damaging economy, Raab warns

The government wants more workers back into offices, while other warn a swift (...)

France in huge coronavirus recovery plan focusing on green energy

France unveils a 100bn-euro plan to kick-start the economy, with a promise (...)

Coronavirus: Rolls-Royce reports record loss as travel slumps

The company, which makes engines for planes, is cutting jobs and selling assets (...)

Facebook agrees to pay France €106m in back taxes

The social networking giant has also agreed to pay France 50% more tax for (...)

Pizza Express to close 73 outlets hitting 1,100 jobs

The chain says it has cut a deal to stay afloat as coronavirus continues to (...)

‘Raise sick pay’ to lower virus health and economic risks

It would manage a "crude" trade-off between lives and jobs as the UK economy (...)

Just Eat to stop using gig economy workers

Boss Jitse Groen says he would rather have staff who get benefits and more (...)

Why stock markets are defying a shrinking economy

Some of the reasons shares are disconnected from the real economy.

How basketball could revive African economies

NBA Africa is looking to launch the African Basketball League in order to (...)

Coronavirus: US economy sees sharpest contraction in decades

The impact of the pandemic meant the annual rate of growth in the second quarter (...)

Working from home: How to cut your tax bill

Home workers can claim tax allowances for their lighting, heating and other (...)

Coronavirus: How Covid-19 hit the comedy industry

With many sectors of the leisure economy hit by coronavirus, what has been (...)

Coronavirus: How the financial shockwave is affecting jobs and money

With the UK facing a severe economic downturn, what is the outlook for our (...)

Capital gains tax review is standard practice, says Treasury

The Treasury has launched a review of the capital gains tax system to “ensure (...)

Bailiff fears as councils chase unpaid tax debts

Like thousands of people in council tax debt, Penelope Dudley fears the bailiffs (...)

Coronavirus: Disney heir and Ben & Jerry’s call for higher taxes

Some of the world’s richest people want governments to raise taxes on them (...)

People urged to check tax credits after HMRC error

One million renewal notices were sent with incomplete details as payments (...)

Wirecard: Scandal-hit firm files for insolvency

The once high-flying payments firm Wirecard files for insolvency after a €1.9bn (...)

Increase car taxes to help climate, advisers say

Car taxes should be raised to help fund the battle against climate change, (...)

UPDATE 3-Bank of England slows bond purchases as it sees some recovery signs

The Bank of England slowed the pace of its huge bond-buying programme on Thursday (...)

Coronavirus: Bank pumps £100bn into UK economy to aid recovery

Bank of England announces huge stimulus to aid recovery from the "unprecedented" (...)

What is quantitative easing and how will it affect you?

The Bank of England is expected to unveil new measures to stimulate the economy. (...)

Powell repeats Fed to use full range of tools to aid economy

With a full U.S. economic recovery out of reach until the coronavirus pandemic (...)

WRAPUP 2-U.S. homebuilding rises moderately; jump in permits hints at green shoots

U.S. homebuilding increased less than expected in May, but a strong rebound (...)

UPDATE 1-U.S. pulled out of talks on digital services taxes -Lighthizer

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin decided to pull out of negotiations (...)

UK inflation hits four-year low on oil price fall, COVID impact

British inflation fell to its lowest since June 2016 last month as the coronavirus (...)

UPDATE 1-Polish central bank warns of coronavirus credit risk

Access to credit in the Polish economy could be limited by the coronavirus (...)

US retail sales in record monthly rebound

Sales rose 17.7% in May adding to hopes the economy will recover faster than (...)

US retail sales in record rebound

Sales rose 17.7% in May adding to hopes the economy will recover faster than (...)

Italy prosecutors request acquittal for former Monte Paschi execs in derivative trial

Milan prosecutors requested on Tuesday the acquittal of three former executives (...)

Honeywell launches new business unit to capture drone market

Honeywell International Inc, a major supplier of aerospace products, said (...)

Coronavirus: What a shrinking economy means for Luton

Luton is one of the most vulnerable towns to the financial impact of coronavirus, (...)

UK economy shrinks record 20.4% in April due to lockdown

The contraction was the biggest monthly decline on record, as the UK spent (...)

OECD: No deal on digital tax risks trade war

The international group has been overseeing talks on taxing US tech giants. (...)

Coronavirus: UK economy could be worst hit among leading nations, says OECD

International agency says UK economy likely to shrink 11.5% this year - the (...)

Labour opposes relaxing Sunday trading hours, says Nandy

The government reportedly plans to suspend the laws for a year in a bid to (...)

China stocks gain as dismal trade data fuels stimulus hopes

China stocks ended higher on Monday as poor domestic trade data reinforced (...)

German stimulus package hands families €300 for each child

The one-off payment is part of a series of measures to boost an economy hit (...)

Eurozone in fresh emergency action to boost economy

The central bank will increase the size of its bond buying programme by €600bn (...)

Coronavirus: Australia set for first recession in three decades

Official figures show the economy contracted even before the full impact of (...)

Chile to see "very significant drop" in economy in May - finance minister

Chile´s finance minister Ignacio Briones said on Monday he expects a "very (...)

Trump administration to study ways to protect for U.S. investors from Chinese firms

The Trump administration will study ways to safeguard Americans from the risks (...)

Worst might be over for UK hiring slump - survey

British employers turned a bit less pessimistic about hiring and investment (...)

Royal Bank of Canada quarterly profit slumps on higher loan loss provisions

Royal Bank of Canada reported a 54% drop in quarterly profit on Wednesday, (...)

UPDATE 1-U.S. lawmaker wants insurers, govt to share future pandemic business losses

U.S. legislation introduced on Tuesday would create a taxpayer-backed insurance (...)

UPDATE 1-Bank of Israel leaves rates unchanged, sees less economic damage in 2020

The Bank of Israel left its benchmark interest rate at 0.1% on Monday, saying economic (...)

European shares rise in thin trading, Bayer jumps

European shares rose in thin trading on Monday, as optimism over reopening (...)

Coronavirus: Jaguar Land Rover in talks over government loan

The carmaker is reportedly seeking more than £1bn in taxpayer support as (...)

Could you have to pay your bank to save money?

As countries take extreme measures keep the economy afloat, could we see negative (...)

Russian central bank chief sees no need for negative real interest rates

Russian central bank governor Elvira Nabiullina said on Friday the board (...)

Australia shares fall on U.S.-China tensions; set for 4th straight weekly gain

Australian shares edged lower on Friday as escalating U.S.-China tensions (...)

Coronavirus: Universities fear fall in lucrative overseas students

Education is one of the sectors of the global economy that is being hardest (...)

Britain can cope with surge in unemployment, minister says

Britain can cope with the surge in unemployment from the COVID-19 pandemic (...)

UPDATE 2-Fed debates longer-term crisis-fighting plan, minutes show

Federal Reserve policymakers, still working to fully roll out a multi-trillion-dollar (...)

U.S. energy capital spending to keep falling amid industry collapse - Dallas Fed

Capital spending by the U.S. energy sector that has dropped during the coronavirus (...)

Norway well placed to handle economic fallout from pandemic chief

The Norwegian economy is well positioned to weather the sharp downturn caused (...)

UPDATE 1-Norway well placed to handle economic fallout from pandemic chief

The Norwegian economy is well positioned to weather the sharp downturn caused (...)

UPDATE 1-Bank of England not ruling out negative rates in future: Tenreyro

Bank of England official Silvana Tenreyro on Monday talked up the benefits (...)

UPDATE 3-Britain heading for sub-zero rates club, money markets bet

Money markets ramped up expectations that the United Kingdom could cut interest (...)

UPDATE 2-IMF chief warns full global economic recovery unlikely in 2021

The global economy will take much longer to recover fully from the shock caused (...)

UPDATE 1-Bank of England, facing COVID slump, revives negative rates talk

A chorus of comments from top officials at the Bank of England about negative (...)

More than 8% of U.S. mortgages now in forbearance -MBA weekly survey

Roughly 4.1 million U.S. mortgage borrowers have had their payments paused (...)

Bank of England not ruling out negative rates in future - Tenreyro

Bank of England official Silvana Tenreyro on Monday talked up the benefits (...)

Bank of England, facing COVID slump, revives negative rates talk

A chorus of comments from top officials at the Bank of England about negative (...)

Britain heading for sub-zero rates club, money markets bet

Money markets ramped up expectations that the United Kingdom could cut interest (...)

Coronavirus hits UK households hard again in May - survey

The financial health of British households has deteriorated sharply this month, (...)

Money markets raise bets that British interest rates will drop below zero

Money markets ramped up expectations of negative interest rates in the United (...)

UPDATE 1-India to spend $13 billion on farm infrastructure fund

India will provide one trillion rupees ($13 billion) to set up an agriculture infrastructure (...)

U.S. consumer sentiment edges up in May but worries about social isolation grow

U.S. consumer sentiment rose unexpectedly in early May after a record plunge (...)

Coronavirus pushes German economy into recession

The economy shrank 2.2% in the first three months of 2020 as the pandemic (...)

Coronavirus: Uber tells all drivers to wear face masks

The ride-hailing firm is providing UK taxi drivers with protective gear, but (...)

UK leaves coronavirus lifeline for workers in place for four more months

Britain extended its job retention scheme - the centrepiece of its attempts (...)

Turkey will foil financial plotters, Erdogan says

President Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday those who tried to plot against the (...)

U.S. SEC alleges accounting fraud at Florida direct lender TCA -filing

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Monday filed charges (...)

Coronavirus: Pandemic sends US jobless rate to 14.7%

US unemployment rises to its highest level since the 1930s as coronavirus (...)

Australia shares rise as virus restrictions set to ease; NZ also up

Australian shares rose over 1% on Friday as risk sentiment improved on the (...)

Coronavirus: What shape will a recession and recovery take?

Monica Miller explains the alphabet soup of possible recession shapes for (...)

Uber axes 3,700 staff as trips drop in lockdowns

The pandemic has added to financial challenges facing the taxi-hailing app (...)

Britain says around a quarter of workers furloughed

Around a quarter of employees in Britain have been furloughed and companies (...)

CORRECTED-UPDATE 2-Intel buys Moovit transit app for $900 mln to help develop robotaxis

Chipmaker Intel Corp has bought Israeli public transit app maker Moovit for about (...)

UK consumers are gloomiest since 2012 - YouGov/CEBR

British consumer sentiment has dropped to its lowest since January 2012 as (...)

UK households shunned borrowing as COVID-19 hit in March - BoE

British households shunned new borrowing in March and a measure of house purchases (...)

Funds suggest cutting stocks, expect U-shaped global economic recovery: Reuters poll

Global funds recommended an increase in bond holdings to the highest level (...)

Coronavirus: Eurozone economy shrinks at record rate

Single currency nations see a sharp fall in GDP during the first quarter of (...)

REFILE-UPDATE 1-Lloyds Banking Group scrapes profit after $1.75 bln COVID-19 provision

Lloyds Banking Group saw its pretax profit all but wiped out in the first (...)

Pumping cash at record pace, ECB is under pressure to act again

Just weeks after unveiling a massive stimulus scheme in a late-night shock-and-awe (...)

Upbeat virus treatment view, oil jump lift Australian shares

Australian shares gained on Thursday as risk appetite improved after encouraging (...)

Column: A fork in the coronavirus road - the financial cost of relapse

Financial markets are now pricing an optimistic view that the world economy (...)

Investors bet on testing, treatments for restart of U.S. economy

Investors are pinning their hopes for the reopening of the U.S. economy on (...)

UK companies put pay awards on hold as COVID-19 hits - XpertHR

Half of large British employers are thinking of freezing pay or delaying annual (...)

Britain suffering worst peacetime downturn ever; recovery may falter - Reuters poll

Britain is in the midst of its deepest downturn in peacetime as the coronavirus (...)

Philippines expects remittances to decline this year

Money sent home by Filipinos working and living abroad is likely to decline (...)

Pricing the benefits of cheap oil in a world of economic lockdowns

The oil price collapse that took U.S. crude prices sub-zero for the first (...)

One in three UK households expects to need state help to weather coronavirus - survey

One third of British households said they were likely to need government support (...)

UPDATE 12-$500 bln coronavirus aid package passes U.S. Senate, headed to House

The U.S. Senate on Tuesday unanimously approved $484 billion in fresh relief (...)

Bank of England tells banks to use excess capital to help customers

British banks should use their substantial capital and liquidity buffers to (...)

China stocks end higher as key rate cut again

China stocks ended higher on Monday as a key Chinese lending rate was cut (...)

China cuts benchmark rate for second time this year, as widely expected

China cut its benchmark lending rate as expected on Monday to reduce borrowing (...)

UAE central bank urges commercial lenders to use stimulus scheme

The United Arab Emirates central bank on Sunday urged commercial lenders to (...)

Germany may rein in coronavirus debt if economy improves - finance minister

Germany may be able to manage the fiscal impact of the coronavirus crisis (...)

UPDATE 1-EY whistleblower awarded $11 million after suppression of gold audit

A British court awarded $11 million in damages and expenses on Friday to a (...)

Jordan PM says state finances under strain by impact of coronavirus

Jordan Prime Minister Omar al Razzaz said on Thursday spending priorities (...)

UPDATE 4-Morgan Stanley CEO: coronavirus will continue to pose challenges

Morgan Stanley Chief Executive Officer James Gorman told shareholders on Thursday (...)

Fund managers looking at medical tests, Europe, for signs U.S. economy can reopen

Some investors are wary about buying into a recent stock market rally. Even (...)

One in nine UK mortgages helped by payment holidays - UK Finance

British banks and other lenders have provided payment holidays for one in (...)

UPDATE 1-Russian cenbank to consider rate cut as economy set to contract

The Russian central bank will consider an interest rate cut among other options (...)

Coronavirus: US weekly jobless claims hit 6.6 million

The Federal Reserve unveils more measures to shore up the economy as weekly (...)

Record fall in UK economy forecast

The shutdown of large swathes of the UK economy will mean a huge hit to GDP (...)

Jordan IMF programme needs adjusting after coronavirus -central bank governor

Jordan is in discussions with the IMF seeking to change some of the objectives (...)

Coronavirus: Six industries crying out for help

With the UK economy in crisis, many sectors are still demanding further help (...)

UPDATE 2-Airbnb secures $1 bln investment from Silver Lake, Sixth Street

Airbnb said on Monday private equity firms Silver Lake and Sixth Street Partners (...)

SE Asia Stocks-Thailand posts best week since 2015 on oil surge; Singapore down

Singaporean markets slumped on Friday after the city-state shutdown most businesses (...)

Will coronavirus reverse globalisation?

Could Covid-19 permanently change how the global economy works?

Global funds still recommend bonds over stocks - Reuters poll

Global fund managers are convinced the world economy is already in recession, (...)

European stock index futures slide as coronavirus damage grows

European stock index futures fell more than 3% on Wednesday as dismal economic (...)

China stocks end lower amid coronavirus fears, policy hopes limit losses

China stocks finished the first session of the second quarter lower on Wednesday, (...)

UK mortgage approvals hit six year high in Feb., before virus hit

The number of approvals for mortgages in Britain hit a six-year high in February, (...)

Oil-rich wealth funds seen shedding up to $225 billion in stocks

Sovereign wealth funds from oil-producing countries mainly in the Middle East (...)

UK ramps up jobs protection push with social security, pensions pledge

Britain will ramp up its bid to slow a surge in unemployment during the coronavirus (...)

UK throws lifeline to self-employed hit by coronavirus

The British government will pay grants to self-employed people who have lost (...)

US markets close higher after emergency virus deal

Stocks keep gains as the president and the US Senate agree a massive stimulus (...)

Surveys show coronavirus pandemic savaging global economy

Evidence that the coronavirus pandemic is hammering the global economy mounted (...)

Britons most pessimistic about economy since 2008 - Ipsos MORI

People in Britain are at their most pessimistic about the outlook for the (...)

UPDATE 1-Crisis-era regulators call on banks to halt distributions, de-leverage trading

Banks should immediately halt share buybacks, dividends and most staff bonuses (...)

US bond fund outflows set weekly record - Lipper

U.S.-based taxable bond funds shed $55.9 billion in the week to Wednesday, (...)

Crisis-era regulators call on banks to halt distributions, de-leverage trading

Banks should immediately halt share buybacks, dividends and most staff bonuses (...)

Coronavirus: UK interest rates slashed again in emergency move

The Bank bumps up its measures to support the UK in its efforts to support (...)

Swiss ready virus aid package worth 40-100 bln Swiss francs - Tages-Anzeiger

The Swiss government, central bank and market supervisor are readying an aid (...)

Coronavirus: Chancellor vows to protect economy

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak announces further steps to support the economy. (...)

Coronavirus: Chancellor unveils £350bn lifeline for economy

Rishi Sunak announces "unprecedented" help for companies as the economy goes (...)

UPDATE 2-Jordan cuts main rates by 100 basis points to soften coronavirus blow

The Central Bank of Jordan said it cut its main interest rates by 100 basis (...)

US Treasury yields tumble after aggressive Fed action

U.S. Treasury yields fell on Monday but remained above recent multi-year lows, (...)

RPT-US Treasury yields tumble after aggressive Fed action

U.S. Treasury yields fell on Monday but remained above recent multi-year lows, (...)

UPDATE 1-U.S. Treasury yields fall after aggressive Fed action, but off lows

U.S. Treasury yields fell on Monday but were off their overnight lows in volatile (...)

Canada cuts capital buffer for banks, suspends mortgage stress test change

Canada is reducing the amount of capital lenders must hold to guard against (...)

UPDATE 1-Portugal to help firms through coronavirus, tough measures in place

Portugal moved to help businesses weather the coronavirus epidemic on Friday (...)

Factbox: Britain starts new funding scheme to shield businesses from coronavirus

The Bank of England unexpectedly cut interest rates by half a percent on Wednesday (...)

UK fires double stimulus salvo to soften coronavirus hit

Britain unveiled a 30 billion-pound stimulus plan on Wednesday to help the (...)

UPDATE 2-U.S. SEC votes to exempt smaller companies from independent audit reviews

The U.S. securities regulator on Thursday voted to relax internal audit controls introduced (...)

UPDATE 4-Fed provides massive liquidity injection to calm markets amid signs of stress

The Federal Reserve moved to stem a market meltdown on Thursday with offers (...)

Budget 2020: Chancellor pumps billions into economy to combat coronavirus

The chancellor warns the outbreak is likely to cause a temporary but significant (...)

Budget 2020: Richer or poorer? Ask the calculator

Use our Budget calculator to find out how your pocket may be affected by the (...)

Oil price plunge ramps up pressure on Pemex; hedge programs in focus

A crash in crude prices has intensified pressure on the finances of Mexican (...)

Budget 2020: Pledges on tampon tax and the future of cash

The 5% VAT rate will go in January, and the chancellor will also protect the (...)

Budget 2020: What we already know about our changing finances

Your finances are changing in April, irrespective of speculation about the (...)

Give gig workers sick pay to help stop virus spread - TUC

Britain must provide sick pay for low-wage and gig-economy workers who need (...)

Eight charts on how coronavirus has hit the economy

Key maps and charts explain how the virus has impacted markets and businesses (...)

U.S. officials talk down coronavirus market panic, tout economic strength

Trump administration officials on Sunday tried to calm market panic that the coronavirus (...)

RPT-COLUMN-Oil traders price in coronavirus-driven recession: Kemp

Oil traders and other financial investors are anticipating a severe slowdown (...)

MIDEAST STOCKS-Gulf bourses dive as coronavirus worries deepen

Stock markets in the Gulf slumped on Sunday, with Kuwait and Dubai among hardest (...)

Jupiter full-year profits hit by outflows, cancels special dividend

British asset manager Jupiter Fund Management said full-year pretax profits (...)

Hong Kong stocks close higher as Beijing signals more support for economy

Hong Kong stocks reversed earlier losses to end higher on Thursday, after (...)

UPDATE 2-Metro Bank cuts back growth plans after plunge into the red

Metro Bank shares tumbled on Wednesday after the bank plunged to a full-year (...)

UK employers urge Johnson not to sacrifice services in EU deal

Britain must not exclude its huge services industry from a planned trade deal (...)

Markets underprice coronavirus risk - UBS chairman on Bloomberg TV

Markets are underpricing the risk that the coronavirus outbreak poses to the (...)

Coronavirus: Qantas and Air France-KLM warn of profits hit

The alerts by Qantas and Air France-KLM come as concerns grow over the hit (...)

Sinn Fein surge puts Irish economy in the spotlight

As the Irish parliament convenes to try to choose its new leader, concerns (...)

Boeing could lose state tax break amid tariff fight

Lawmakers in Washington state say they want to avoid a trans-Atlantic tariff (...)

Qantas warns coronavirus impact of as much as $99m

The warning comes as concerns grow over the impact of the outbreak on airlines (...)

China economy: Why it matters to you

As China struggles to cope with the coronavirus outbreak, we look at the scale (...)

Immigration: No visas for low-skilled workers, government says

Ministers urge firms to stop relying on "cheap labour", but critics warn of (...)

Investors track ships, chase rumours to get edge on COVID-19 risks

As investors crunch numbers to determine how the coronavirus will hit China’s (...)

Coronavirus impact on euro zone economy to be temporary - Centeno

The head of the Eurogroup Mario Centeno said on Monday he expected the impact (...)

UPDATE 1-Romania may sell 5% stake in Hidroelectrica to EBRD

Romania is considering an offer from the European Bank for Reconstruction (...)

Thai bank loans may grow more than 2% this year

Commercial bank loans in Thailand may grow more than 2% this year while bad (...)

China and HK stocks climb as Beijing steps up support for virus-hit economy

China stocks rallied on Monday, led by start-up companies which surged to (...)

German economy barely grows at end of 2019

According to new official figures, the German economy stagnated in the final (...)

RBS profits beat expectations, to rebrand as NatWest

Royal Bank of Scotland reported a better than expected pre-tax profit of 4.2 (...)

UK economy saw zero growth at the end of 2019

Growth in the services and construction sectors was offset by a "poor showing" (...)

Poorer households may get help on energy bills

The burden of paying for clean energy technology could be shifted to the tax (...)

US jobs growth beats expectations

The economy added 225,000 jobs last month, extending a streak of gains that (...)

Coronavirus: China to pump billions into economy amid growth fears

The money will be deployed on Monday as financial markets reopen after an (...)

Hong Kong economy to see more weakness due to virus outbreak

The risk of further contraction in the Hong Kong economy, which was buffeted (...)

WRAPUP 9-China seeks to boost economy as first virus death reported outside its borders

The first death from the coronavirus outside of China was reported on Sunday (...)

UPDATE 1-Euro zone inflation pressures are building but only slowly -ECB chief economist

Inflationary pressures in the euro zone are slowly building and the deflationary (...)

UPDATE 1-Indian shares slide as federal budget fails to inspire

Indian shares fell on Saturday to their lowest closing level in more than (...)

INDUSTRY VIEWS-India budget focuses on tax cuts, farm spending to revive growth

Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Saturday unveiled the budget (...)

Eurozone economy barely growing at all

An official estimate puts growth in the region at 0.1% in the three months (...)

Self-assessment tax deadline looms

Many thousands of people are leaving their tax return until the deadline of (...)

Sterling jumps as BoE keeps interest rates on hold

Sterling strengthened as the Bank of England kept interest rates on hold on (...)

Amazon owed £3m tax rebate amid Rugeley floor space row

The online giant has won an appeal against a local council over mezzanines. (...)

Majority of CEOs expect global economy to cool in PwC survey

More than half of chief executives in an annual survey by PwC expect a slowdown (...)

Putin appoints former economy minister Maxim Oreshkin as adviser

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday appointed former economy minister (...)

France agrees to delay new tax on tech giants

A digital sales tax, that provoked a threat of tariffs from the US, has been (...)

Shopping centre owner Intu seeks emergency cash

Intu, owner of the Trafford Centre and Lakeside, asks investors for money (...)

Flybe confirms it will get a tax and duty holiday

But the struggling airline says the debt with tax authorities is far lower (...)

Flybe: Government strikes a deal to rescue troubled airline

The airline’s investors will put more money in while the government will (...)

Syrian pound hits new lows over regional tensions - traders

The battered Syrian currency hit a new record low on Monday over fears that (...)

Bank of England policymaker hints at possible rate cut

Gertjan Vlieghe would consider lowering rates depending on the strength of (...)

Weak November weighs on UK growth

Official statistics show the economy grew by just 0.1% in the three months (...)

HK considers "competitive" tax measures for private equity funds -finance sec

Hong Kong finance secretary Paul Chan said on Monday the government was considering (...)

Bank of England policy-maker hints at possible rate cut

Gertjan Vlieghe would consider lowering rates depending on the strength of (...)

US jobs growth slows in December

The economy added 145,000 jobs last month, capping a year of solid but slowing (...)

UPDATE 1-Board member overseeing Wirecard audit elected chairman

The board member overseeing an outside audit of Wirecard has been elected (...)

ECB rate rise in 2021? Markets starting to think about it

Money markets are starting to price higher interest rates for the euro zone (...)

Monte dei Paschi sees 1.2 bln euro net profit hit in Q4 from tax change

Italian state-owned bank Monte dei Paschi di Siena said on Thursday it expected (...)

WRAPUP 1-Fed officials: Trade risks easing may mean bluer sky for 2020

The global trade wars may not be over, but U.S. Federal Reserve officials (...)

GRAPHIC-ECB rate rise in 2021? Markets starting to think about it

Money markets are starting to price higher interest rates for the euro zone (...)

UPDATE 2-PIMCO says signs point to stronger global economy in 2020

Recession risks have diminished in recent months, and the current window of (...)

UPDATE 3-Mexico hedges oil output for 2020 as risks grow

Mexico has completed its annual oil hedging program for 2020 at $49 a barrel, (...)

Recession, robots and rockets: another roaring 20s for world markets?

Helicopter cash, climate crises, smart cities and the space economy -- investors (...)

Vimto: Profit warning follows Middle East soft drinks tax

The soft drinks levy was introduced in Saudi Arabia and the UAE where Vimto (...)

UPDATE 4-Argentina creates external debt unit, economy bill moves to Senate

Argentina appointed a government team to kick off talks with creditors to (...)

German finmin: tax on share dealing could be extended to other assets

The financial transaction tax on share dealing that 10 European countries (...)

UPDATE 2-Ethiopia to get $3 bln loan from World Bank

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said on Friday that Ethiopia will receive $3 billion (...)

UK economic growth slowest since early 2009

The economy sees the weakest three months for more than a decade as growth (...)

HSBC Swiss unit to pay $192 mln to settle U.S. tax investigation

The Swiss private banking unit of HSBC Holdings Plc will pay $192.4 million (...)

General election 2019: What to look out for on the economy

BBC Business Editor Faisal Islam looks at the economic issues at stake in (...)

UPDATE 2-U.S. Treasury yields jump after non-farm payrolls rise

U.S. Treasury yields rose on Friday after the Labor Department reported job (...)

Deutsche Bank staffers cleared but bank fined in money laundering case

Frankfurt prosecutors have dropped an investigation into two Deutsche Bank (...)

UPDATE 1-Trump asks Supreme Court to stop banks from disclosing his financial data

President Donald Trump, fighting to keep details of his finances secret, asked (...)

UPDATE 3-TREASURIES-U.S. Treasury yields jump after non-farm payrolls rise

U.S. Treasury yields rose on Friday after the Labor Department reported job (...)

UPDATE 2-Metro Bank CEO Donaldson follows chairman out of door

Metro Bank chief executive Craig Donaldson is leaving after a torrid year (...)

UK consumers pick up pace of borrowing for first time since mid-2018 - BoE

British consumers, whose spending has helped drive the economy since the Brexit (...)

UPDATE 2-Germany dodges recession in third quarter thanks to exports, spending

Strong exports, state spending and consumers helped the German economy avoid (...)

General election 2019: How do government finances work?

Political parties are promising to spend lots of money, but how will they (...)

Johnson raises prospect of multi-billion pound payroll tax cut

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday he planned a multi-billion-pound (...)

UPDATE 1-U.S. companies say consumer still strong even as broader outlook dims

Walmart became the latest company to point to a strong U.S. consumer, adding (...)

Trump asks Supreme Court to block disclosure of financial records to Congress

President Donald Trump on Friday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to block a ruling (...)

General election 2019: Labour pledges free broadband for all

Labour would part-nationalise BT to deliver the policy and tax tech giants (...)

EXPLAINER-Ways Trump’s tax returns could come to light

U.S. President Donald Trump broke with a decades-long tradition of U.S. presidential candida (...)

UPDATE 3-Trump asks U.S. Supreme Court to prevent release of his tax returns

President Donald Trump on Thursday asked the conservative-majority U.S. Supreme (...)

REFILE-UPDATE 1-Fewer Chinese cities report home price gains in Oct

New home prices in China maintained steady growth in October but fewer cities (...)

Nikkei drops as Trump offers mixed signals on China trade deal

Japanese shares slipped on Wednesday after U.S. President Donald Trump left (...)

Global growth woes ease but protests raise new risks - AIA CIO

A reduction in the risks that have bedeviled the global economy this year (...)

Sportswear company faces two US accounting probes

Under Armour is being probed by the Securities and Exchange Commission and (...)

UK banks urge government to ease tax burden as Brexit beckons

Banking in Britain paid 40 billion pounds in taxes in the last financial year (...)

The race to build a flying electric taxi

More than a hundred companies are working on electric aircraft designed to (...)

Airbnb probed by UK tax authorities

The home rental site has warned a tax inquiry by HM Revenue & Customs could (...)

Democratic 2020 hopeful Warren still weighing Medicare for All financing options

White House hopeful Elizabeth Warren is taking heat from her Democratic rivals (...)

Taxing Energy Use: Key findings for Portugal

This country note explains how Portugal taxes energy use. The note shows the (...)

Exchange rates: Why has the value of the pound jumped?

A simple guide to how currency is valued and what it means for your finances. (...)

German bank regulator tells banks cutting fat is not enough, magazine reports

The head of German financial regulator BaFin called on banks to restructure (...)

Boeing says Airbus could still avoid tariffs by obeying WTO

Boeing Co on Wednesday urged Airbus to comply with World Trade Organization (...)

Asia stocks drop as slowdown fears rattle investors

Stock markets in Asia joined a global sell-off on renewed worries about trade (...)

Australian shares to open flat ahead of RBA decision; NZ little changed

Australian shares are expected to open little changed on Tuesday as investors (...)

PwC earns record revenues, opposes market caps in UK

PwC earned $42.4 billion in global annual revenues with $3 billion going into (...)

Italy govt has found money to avoid sales tax hike-PM

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said on Monday his government had freed (...)

U.S. cenbank should target repo rate to reduce market volatility - ex-Fed officials

Recent money market volatility shows the Federal Reserve needs to retool how (...)

UPDATE 1-Philippine steps up bid to lift growth, cuts rates a 3rd time

The Philippine central bank cut its benchmark interest rate for a third time (...)

UPDATE 1-Hungary central bank trims key inflation forecasts for 2019 and 2020

The National Bank of Hungary sees tax-adjusted core inflation, its preferred (...)

Uber to launch UK driver loyalty scheme amid licence battle

Uber will launch a loyalty programme for its British drivers offering free education (...)

Introduce frequent flyer levy to fight emissions, government told

The Committee on Climate Change says the extra tax would help curb the growing (...)

IMF names Kristalina Georgieva as new head

Ms Georgieva, a former top World Bank official, becomes the first IMF boss (...)

Lebanese PM talks to Saudi minister about support for economy

Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri spoke to the Saudi finance minister on Saturday (...)

UPDATE 1-Lebanese PM talks to Saudi minister about support for economy

Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri spoke to the Saudi finance minister on Saturday (...)

Bank of England forecasts low interest rates for longer

Policymakers say the UK will avoid recession this year, but Brexit is still (...)

Why Booker shortlist is more taxing for some readers

Publishers say VAT charged on e-books and audiobooks unfairly pushes up prices (...)

Apple Irish tax case appeal heard by EU court

The Republic of Ireland argues it should not have to recover €13bn of unpaid (...)

Column: Hedge funds sell oil as global economy deteriorates

Hedge funds are becoming more pessimistic about the outlook for oil prices (...)

Central bankers face political shocks, and hope to avoid the worst

Global central bank chiefs know their job is to keep the economy out of the (...)

Would you accept a loss to keep your money safe?

Some pension fund investors are paying to hold government bonds due to fears (...)

UPDATE 4-General Electric fortifies defense against charges of bogus accounting

General Electric Co reinforced its defense of its accounting practices on (...)

Kuwait sovereign fund in portfolio shift on signs of global economic weakness -report

The Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) began increasing its exposure to bonds (...)

UK jobs data shows strong economic fundamentals - Javid

Labour market data showing the fastest pay growth in 11 years and more people (...)

UK shares in the red as risk aversion prevails

UK shares inched lower on Tuesday, as worries over protests in Hong Kong, (...)

UPDATE 1-Steinhoff looks to sell off assets after $7 billion accounting fraud

Scandal-hit South African retailer Steinhoff said on Tuesday its only hope (...)

UK economy shrinks for the first time since 2012

The UK economy contracted by 0.2% between April and June, its worst performance (...)

Exchange rates: Why is the pound getting weaker?

A simple guide to how currency is valued and what it means for your finances (...)

Stock markets drop on new Trump China tariffs

US and European indexes fall after the President announces taxes on $300bn (...)

U.S. tells Britain to drop tax proposal on U.S. tech firms for trade deal -The Telegraph

The administration of U.S. President Donald Trump has told Britain it will (...)

Eurozone prepares for interest rate cut as growth slows

The outlook for the eurozone economy is getting "worse and worse", says the (...)

Sports Direct regrets House of Fraser rescue

The retailer outlines problems at the department store, as its delayed results (...)

BoE could need to cut rates if Brexit uncertainty persists - Vlieghe

The Bank of England could potentially need to cut interest rates to boost (...)

MPs and taxpayers on retrospective loan charge payments

Anger is growing among taxpayers facing large demands from HMRC over their (...)

RPT-COLUMN-Equity prices and stories about the economy: Kemp

* (John Kemp is a Reuters market analyst. The views expressed are his own) (...)

UK government should cut taxes to boost growth - senior Treasury minister

Britain should use the opportunity of leaving the European Union to cut taxes (...)

BoE says British banks ready for no-deal Brexit, trade war

British banks hold enough capital to cope with a no-deal Brexit and a global (...)

COLUMN-Hedge funds sell crude as economy fears trump OPEC cuts: Kemp

Hedge funds sold more Brent futures and options last week as concerns about (...)

Irish consumer sentiment inches higher in June

Irish consumer sentiment inched higher in June following strong domestic economic (...)

US labour market booms in June

The US economy created 224,000 jobs in June, many more than economists had (...)

UK consumers raise borrowing at weakest pace in five years, adding to slowdown signs

Lending to British consumers rose by its weakest pace in more than five years (...)

UK shop prices fall for first time since October - BRC

British shop prices fell in early June for the first time since October last (...)

UK seeks new no-deal Brexit freight plan

The hurried procurement process as the UK prepared to leave the EU on 29 March (...)

Iceland index inclusion leaves fund managers cold

Iceland may soon reclaim a place on the investment stage through inclusion (...)

Patisserie Valerie scandal: Five people arrested

The chain collapsed in January and is under new management, but the probe (...)

A group of US billionaires is calling for a wealth tax

A group of 18 wealthy individuals is arguing that politicians have a moral (...)

Tory leadership contest: Do tax plans add up?

Some of the contenders are pledging big tax cuts.

Sri Lanka stocks close little changed in thin trade; rupee edges up

Sri Lankan shares ended almost flat in dull trade on Thursday, but posted (...)

UPDATE 1-U.S. charges ex-CEO of cryptocurrency company Longfin with $66 million fraud

U.S. prosecutors said on Wednesday the former chief executive of Longfin Corp has (...)

ECB to give euro zone economy a small shot in the arm

The European Central Bank will try to give an ailing euro zone economy a boost (...)

YOUR MONEY-Retirement reform wants more of your tax dollars now

Saving for retirement is such a lofty goal that the U.S. government has always (...)

Column: Funds sell oil as economic fears trump supply threats

Hedge funds continued to liquidate some of their bullish position in oil last (...)

UK households fret more about their finances - survey

British households turned more downbeat about their finances in May, according (...)

Metro Bank raises £375m in new funds to bolster finances

The lender issues new shares to bolster its finances, in an attempt to ease (...)

Five seater self-flying air taxi unveiled

Lilium says the craft, which had its first test flight this month, could travel (...)

UK economy rebounds in first quarter

Brexit stockpiling by firms helps to lift UK growth in the first three months (...)

More than one BoE rate rise likely over next three years - Carney

The Bank of England is likely to carry out further interest rate increases (...)

Corbyn-proof? British water, power firms take nationalisation precautions

British water and power firms are trying to soothe nerves over nationalisation (...)

Is the UK economy at a new moment of sea-change?

Forty years ago Mrs Thatcher came to power, is the UK economy at another historic (...)

Uber aims for $90bn stock market debut

The taxi-app giant gives details of plans to join the stock market with shares (...)

Britons feel a boost in their finances from rising wages - survey

British households reported the strongest growth in at least a decade in their (...)

YOUR MONEY-Meditate to the tax finish line

Stressed out by the tax deadline on April 15? Yes, of course, there is (...)

WRAPUP 3-Chill in global economy prompts G20 call for trade truce

The risk that global economic growth could slow more than expected spurred (...)

Not just Brexit - EU frets next crisis may come from money managers, clearing

While Brexit and trade disputes dominate financial headlines, European Union (...)

Graphic: Whatever it takes, Part 2? - Five questions for the ECB

Just a month after the European Central Bank halted plans to normalise policy (...)

World economy facing delicate moment, IMF says

The International Monetary Fund downgrades global growth for 2019, seeing (...)

UK employers defy approach of Brexit with hiring spree

British employers ramped up their hiring at the fastest pace since 2015 in (...)

People spend £69 on average on a UK night out, says report

Average spend reaches £69 as people stay out for longer, says a report into (...)

Britons turn more cautious about big spending as Brexit nears - IHS Markit

British households were the most downbeat about their finances in over a year (...)

Spring Statement: Chancellor Philip Hammond on economy

The chancellor opens his Spring Statement by saying the UK economy is “remarkably (...)

Contactless card use surges as doubts ease

Contactless use rose by 31% in 2018, data shows, with the technology accounting (...)

Schroders profit falls on outflows, restructuring

Schroders posted a 15 percent fall in full-year pretax profit after restructuring (...)

SE Asia Stocks-Eke out small gains as global growth concerns return

Southeast Asian stocks edged higher in thin trading on Thursday as investors (...)

Bank of England sees weakest UK outlook since 2009 on Brexit, global slowdown

The Bank of England said Britain faces its weakest economic growth in a decade (...)

UK house prices remain sluggish as Brexit nears - Nationwide

British house prices rose by 0.4 percent in annual terms in February, only (...)

Portugal can use its economic recovery to build up resilience

Portugal’s economic recovery is now well established, with GDP back to pre-crisis (...)

BPIFrance bank sees strong corporate credit demand

French state-owned bank BPIFrance said corporate credit demand was strong (...)

UK consumers rein in appetite for borrowing as Brexit nears

- Lending to British consumers grew at its slowest pace in four years in December, (...)

How has business been affected by Brexit so far?

With two months to go until the UK is due to leave the EU, how are firms and (...)

UK consumer lending growth slows to near four-year low as Brexit approaches

LONDON, Jan 4 - Lending to British consumers grew at its slowest pace in nearly (...)

Are the days of the private car really over?

Is the "robo-taxis" revolution really on its way? Many readers were doubtful, (...)

Clouds gathering over global economy

BBC World Service economics correspondent Andrew Walker looks at what 2019 (...)

How much has the shutdown hit the US economy?

Losses from the partial shutdown could soon add up to more than the cost of (...)

UPDATE 2-Powell: Fed can be patient as U.S. economy evolves in 2019

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said on Thursday the U.S. central bank (...)

COLUMN-Recessions? Never consensus, always hiding in plain sight - McGeever

Fears that the U.S. economy is about to slip into recession have receded quite (...)

European funds cut equity holdings, hoard cash as growth fears rise - Reuters poll

European fund managers cut equity exposure to a six-month low and upped cash (...)

Global funds raise cash holdings to 20-month high as caution mounts

Concerned about the health of the global economy, international investors (...)

COLUMN-Risks for world economy, markets if U.S. yields hold above 3 pct: McGeever

The outlook for U.S. interest rates has shifted, as investors bet that recent (...)

UK PM May sets up business councils to advise on post-Brexit policy

Prime Minister Theresa May has created five new business councils to advise (...)

Taxing Energy Use 2018: Key findings for Portugal

This note describes the taxation of energy use in Portugal. It contains the (...)

Measuring Tax Support for R&D and Innovation - country profiles

The 2017 OECD R&D tax incentive country profiles provide detailed information (...)

Taxation of household savings: Key findings for Portugal

This note presents marginal effective tax rates (METRs) that summarise the (...)

Taxing Wages: Key findings for Portugal

Portugal had the 13th highest tax wedge among the 35 OECD member countries (...)

Government to bring forward promised income tax cuts

British Chancellor Philip Hammond said on Monday that the government will (...)

UK house prices rise at slowest pace in over five years - Nationwide

British house prices rose at their slowest pace in more than five years in (...)

European shares edges up as earnings flurry quells Fed angst

European shares opened slightly higher on Thursday as a flurry of corporate (...)

Success story

Without it, companies in the sharing economy might not have grown as successfully (...)

UPDATE 1-EU plans to raise tax bill of online giants gather momentum

* EU commission to present list of legal options in coming days

UPDATE 1-Erdogan says will discuss case of ex-Turkish minister with Trump during visit

ANKARA, Sept 15 (Reuters) - Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday (...)

Stanley Fischer and the twilight of technocracy

IN 2004 Stanley Fischer described the wonder he felt as an economics student (...)

Goldman Sachs announces a change in strategy

IT IS not easy to feel pity for Goldman Sachs. Its alumni lord it in pivotal (...)

The Fed prepares for its balance-sheet—and its board—to shrink

NINE years ago, in the autumn of 2008, the Federal Reserve was fighting a (...)

Weak data throws wrench into long China stock rally but Hong Kong rises

SHANGHAI, Sept 15 (Reuters) - Chinese stocks paused on Friday and looked set (...)

Is Margrethe Vestager championing consumers or her political career?

EVEN her enemies admire the bloody-mindedness of Margrethe Vestager, the European (...)

A legal vulnerability at the heart of China’s big internet firms

COMPANIES’ legal structures are usually mind-numbing fare. But occasionally (...)

Give us some clarity on Brexit, French minister Griveaux tells UK

LONDON, Sept 13 (Reuters) - The British government needs to provide more clarity (...)

Canadian small business lending rises in July as economy grows

OTTAWA, Sept 13 (Reuters) - Lending to Canadian small businesses climbed to (...)

Sri Lankan shares close little changed in dull trade; tax bill weighs on mkt

COLOMBO, Sept 11 (Reuters) - Sri Lankan shares closed little changed in low (...)

Capacity cuts in China fuel a commodity rally and a debate

STEEL ran in Zhang Cheng’s family for three generations. His grandfather (...)

Exchange-rate shifts have helped the global economy

STICKLERS for value have plenty of reasons to frown at financial markets. (...)

Governments need to rethink their attitudes to debt

GOVERNMENTS do not always make the best budget managers. Assuming it avoids (...)

CORRECTED-UPDATE 2-U.S. charges former Turkish minister with Iran sanctions evasion

ISTANBUL, Sept 7 (Reuters) - U.S. prosecutors have charged a former Turkish (...)

Fund new start-ups from pension pots, IoD urges

Allow older entrepreneurs to take 10% of their pension tax-free to get a business (...)

RPT-Foreigners dump Japan stocks as N.Korea, yen take gloss off bright economic news

TOKYO, Sept 6 (Reuters) - Foreign investors are ditching Japanese stocks, (...)

Berkeley says London housing market still hit by Brexit, tax hike

LONDON (Reuters) - British housebuilder Berkeley said on Wednesday that the (...)

Bell Pottinger puts itself up for sale

The troubled PR firm appoints accountants to examine options for its future. (...)

Is there a wage growth puzzle in America?

TODAY’S labour market report showed that the American economy created 156,000 (...)

How hard has Hurricane Harvey hit the local economy?

The US President and celebrities promise funds as analysts assess the scale (...)

Sky taxis

How Dubai may be winning the race to launch the first passenger-carrying flying (...)

Canada business investment picks up, but future uncertain

OTTAWA, Aug 31 (Reuters) - A rebound in Canadian business investment may signal (...)

On NAFTA, Donald Trump’s most dangerous opponents are at home

EVER game for a fight, President Donald Trump is picking one again with Canada (...)

Of Indian banknotes cancelled last year, 99% are accounted for

ON NOVEMBER 8th 2016, Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister, stunned its (...)

US stocks close higher after GDP growth

Shares close higher after new data showing the US economy grew faster than (...)

Uber picks Dara Khosrowshahi as its new boss

“A LEADER is a dealer in hope,” said Napoleon Bonaparte. For much of this (...)

The gap between India’s richer and poorer states is widening

COUNTRIES find it easier to get rich once their neighbours already are. East (...)

US stocks unmoved by strong GDP growth

Despite new data showing that the US economy grew faster than expected, shares (...)

Lending to UK consumers cools as economic confidence ebbs

LONDON (Reuters) - Lending to British consumers expanded at the weakest pace (...)

UPDATE 1-Danish government seeks cuts in capital gains tax, faces opposition

COPENHAGEN, Aug 30 (Reuters) - The Danish government proposed cuts on Wednesday (...)

The “free” economy comes at a cost

FACEBOOK, whose users visit for an average of 50 minutes a day, promises members: (...)

Does ageing explain America’s disappointing wage growth?

WHEN America’s unemployment was last as low as it has been recently, in (...)

UPDATE 1-Lending to UK consumers cools as economic confidence ebbs

* Consumer credit growth weakest since April 2016 - BoE * European Commission (...)

Trump hits road to tout tax reform as helping workers

WASHINGTON, Aug 30 (Reuters) - President Donald Trump will turn his signature (...)

UK consumer credit growth hits more than one-year low in July, mortgage approvals surge - BoE

LONDON (Reuters) - British consumer credit expanded at the weakest pace in (...)

Danish govt seeks cuts in capital gains tax

COPENHAGEN, Aug 30 (Reuters) - The Danish government on Wednesday proposed (...)

Recruiter InterQuest warns on fees as Brexit hits financial services unit

Aug 29 (Reuters) - British technology-focused recruiter InterQuest Group said (...)

Samsung’s boss is sentenced to prison

SAMSUNG’S founding family, the Lees, have good reason to dislike room 417 (...)

Inheritance tax: Should the UK scrap it or keep it?

Should the UK keep or scrap inheritance tax, a tax which is paid from the (...)

Denmark wants to attract more IPOs by cutting tax on equity investments

COPENHAGEN, Aug 24 (Reuters) - Denmark wants to reduce the tax on equity investments, (...)

Sri Lanka likely to miss 2017 revenue goal on tax proposal delay

COLOMBO, Aug 24 (Reuters) - Sri Lanka is likely to miss its revenue target (...)

Flying water taxis highlight French startup frustrations

PARIS, Aug 24 (Reuters) - French yachtsman Alain Thebault wants to turn a (...)

Sri Lankan shares fall for third straight day; blue chips drag

COLOMBO, Aug 23 (Reuters) - Sri Lankan shares fell for the third straight (...)

COLUMN-US monopoly power and the stock market boom: James Saft

Aug 22 (Reuters) - Monopoly pricing power may be keeping U.S. corporate earnings (...)

HMRC to offer compensation for childcare site issues

Parents may be eligible for recompense if they were unable to apply for tax-free (...)

Sri Lankan shares end weaker in thin trade; tax proposal weighs

COLOMBO, Aug 21 (Reuters) - Sri Lankan shares ended weaker on Monday, lingering (...)

Why Africa’s development model puzzles economists

IT IS easy to buy a rolex in Uganda—albeit not one that will tell the time. (...)

China modernises its monetary policy

QIN SHIHUANG was the emperor who first unified China, through bloody conquest (...)

Sri Lankan shares snap five days of falls on bargain-hunting

COLOMBO, Aug 18 (Reuters) - Sri Lankan shares rose on Friday on bargain-hunting (...)

A firm that shares a name with its founder earns higher profits

A GOOD business name can be pricey. An entrepreneur looking for the perfect (...)

SE Asia Stocks-Philippines up on strong growth data; others subdued

By Urvashi Goenka Aug 17 (Reuters) - Philippine shares ended higher on Thursday (...)

China stocks rise after promise to widen role for foreign investors

SHANGHAI, Aug 17 (Reuters) - Industrial and materials stocks lifted China (...)

SE Asia Stocks-Singapore hits 1-month low as financials drag

By Urvashi Goenka Aug 16 (Reuters) - Singapore shares hit a one-month (...)

U.S. tax change proposals anger builders, realtors, charities

WASHINGTON, Aug 14 (Reuters) - With U.S. Congress members focused during their (...)

Australia shares rebound as banks rally; NZ climbs

Aug 14 (Reuters) - Australian shares recovered on Monday, with financials (...)

US consumer prices inch up in July

Prices in the US rose by less than expected last month, as inflation in the (...)

Wilko opens redundancy talks with nearly 4,000 staff

The company, which has its headquarters in Worksop, saw its pre-tax profits (...)

Research points to a new explanation of “Dutch disease”

IN 1959 geologists discovered 2.8trn cubic metres of natural gas—the largest (...)

Investors are not great at predicting politics

FINANCIAL markets are supposed to be the font of all wisdom, weighing up the (...)

Year-end wave of Treasury debt issuance may tighten monetary conditions

Aug 10 (Reuters) - The U.S. Treasury Department’s plan to significantly (...)

Cars for cheese?

A free trade agreement does not normally mean the removal of all taxes, quotas (...)

US economy creates 209,000 jobs in July

Hiring by restaurants and bars helped the US economy generate strong jobs (...)

Broadbent stresses rates message as Bank of England tries again

LONDON (Reuters) - A Bank of England policymaker sought on Friday to drive (...)

The hubris of ten-year budgets

IN February of 2001, Alan Greenspan, then still the chairman of the Federal (...)

How crisis-hit economies become investment darlings

NAWAZ SHARIF is the ex-prime minister of Pakistan again. His third stint in (...)

Why national accounts might be like corporate balance-sheets

THE easiest way to get an economist to laugh sardonically is to compare a (...)

Brexit-wary Bank of England leaves rates on hold, cuts growth forecast

LONDON (Reuters) - The Bank of England kept interest rates at a record low (...)

CORRECTED-(OFFICIAL)-U.S. taxable bond funds attract $1.8 bln in week -Lipper

NEW YORK, Aug 3 (Reuters) - Investors added $1.8 billion to taxable bond funds (...)

Taking credit

President Trump says the rising stock market is a sign of a healthy economy, (...)

Bank of England leaves rates on hold, cuts growth forecast, still hints at 2018 rise

LONDON (Reuters) - The Bank of England kept interest rates at a record low (...)

Hot and cold: Euro zone grows but inflation slows

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Data in the coming week should confirm the euro zone (...)

UK will not cut taxes below European average after Brexit - Hammond

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain does not intend to lower taxes far below the European (...)

Brexit: UK will not cut taxes, says Philip Hammond

Chancellor Philip Hammond says the UK has no desire to try to undercut European (...)

The tax trick

The chunk of global wealth illegally stashed in tax havens is a big feature (...)

University finances face £17.5bn pensions squeeze

An expert warns of tuition fees rising or being diverted, but the pensions (...)

US second-quarter growth accelerates to 2.6%

Higher consumer spending and business investment helped to boost the US economy. (...)

FTSE 100 opens lower as BT shares fall

Shares in the telecoms group drop 3% after it takes a charge related to its (...)

BT takes £225m hit over Italy accounting scandal

Payouts to Orange and Deutsche Telekom hit profits at the telecoms group. (...)

The world’s largest online-travel company

NOT since the dotcom boom at the turn of the century have technology shares (...)

America’s uncompetitive markets harm its economy

“THE best of all monopoly profits is a quiet life,” wrote Sir John Hicks, (...)

Tech stocks have regained their dotcom-era highs

CAST your mind back to when Bill Clinton was president, Tony Blair and Vladimir (...)

Lloyds bank posts biggest half-year profit in eight years

LONDON, July 27 (Reuters) - Lloyds Banking Group reported its biggest half-year (...)

Rentokil profit surges on gains from Haniel JV

July 27 - British support services company Rentokil Initial Plc said its pre-tax (...)

Heading to Germany because of Brexit? Call this free tax hotline

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - The western German state of Hesse, home to Frankfurt, (...)

UK commissions EU migration impact study, promises no Brexit cliff-edge

LONDON, July 27 (Reuters) - Britain commissioned an independent study on Thursday (...)

Rangers cannot be punished further over their EBT tax scheme, says SPFL

Rangers will not face fresh sanctions from the Scottish Professional Football (...)

SPECIAL REPORT-Herded into default, then hounded to repay student loans

PHILADELPHIA, July 25 (Reuters) - Lakisha Johnson figured all she needed was (...)

INSIGHT-Norwegian Air under pressure to boost finances

OSLO/LONDON, July 25 (Reuters) - Norwegian Air, the fast-growing budget airline (...)

Rathbone Brothers first-half pretax profit up 16.7 percent

LONDON (Reuters) - British wealth manager Rathbone Brothers plc posted a (...)

IMF downgrades UK and US growth forecasts

Lower activity in the first quarter of 2017 suggests both will underperform (...)

Turkey working on corporate tax cuts in strategic sectors - minister

ANKARA, July 24 (Reuters) - Turkey is working on corporate tax cuts in some (...)

Spain looks at selling more of Bankia, economy minister says

BARCELONA, Spain, July 23 (Reuters) - Spain will explore the possibility of (...)

N Korea economy grows at fastest rate in 17 years

The mining and energy sectors helped push the growth rate to 3.9% - its strongest (...)

An overhaul of Brazilian labour law should spur job creation

IN THE litany of bosses’ gripes about Brazil’s inclement business climate, (...)

UPDATE 3-After healthcare failure, Republicans face similar divisions on tax reform

WASHINGTON, July 18 (Reuters) - Republicans in Congress unveiled a fiscal (...)

Average price of UK motor insurance hits record high in Q2 - ABI

July 18 (Reuters) - The average price of UK motor insurance hit a record high (...)

India raises tax on cigarettes

NEW DELHI, July 17 (Reuters) - India has raised the total tax on cigarettes (...)

Hong Kong stocks end at new 2-year peak on robust China economy, inflows

July 17 (Reuters) - Hong Kong stocks rose for the sixth straight day on Monday, (...)

Carillion picks accountants EY to help with strategic review

July 17 (Reuters) - Carillion has appointed accounting firm EY to support (...)

UPDATE 1-Carillion picks accountants EY to help with strategic review

July 17 (Reuters) - Carillion has appointed accounting firm EY to support (...)

Overseas landlords shun the UK, as tax changes bite

Only 5% of UK homes are owned by foreign investors - compared to 12% in 2010 (...)

New Senate healthcare plan keeps Obamacare-era taxes on wealthy -Senate source

WASHINGTON, July 13 (Reuters) - The revised U.S. Senate healthcare plan will (...)

The United States of debt

POLITICS in America may be an arena of mutual incomprehension with few settled (...)

Climate change and inequality

ON JULY 12, the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica disgorged a chunk of ice (...)

Health the biggest risk to UK finances

In its first ever look at the big risks facing UK finances, the fiscal watchdog (...)

BoE says banks plan to cut back lending to consumers on worries about economy

LONDON (Reuters) - British banks expect to cut back lending to consumers in (...)

SE Asia Stocks-Most up on cautious Fed; Philippines gives up gains

By Chris Thomas July 13 (Reuters) - Most Southeast Asian stock markets (...)

Britain hails Spanish investment as sign of confidence in economy

LONDON, July 13 (Reuters) - Spanish companies will commit millions of pounds (...)

UPDATE 1-Swiss, French to resume tax data exchange after resolving concerns

ZURICH, July 12 (Reuters) - Switzerland and France have smoothed over concerns (...)

Swiss, French to resume tax data exchange after resolving concerns

ZURICH, July 12 (Reuters) - Switzerland and France have smoothed over concerns (...)

China June total social financing rises to 1.78 trln yuan

BEIJING, July 12 (Reuters) - Total social financing (TSF), a broad measure (...)

Taylor Review: All work in UK economy should be fair

The author of a government review into work says a modern economy should be (...)

Sri Lankan shares slip from 18-month high on profit-taking

COLOMBO, July 11 (Reuters) - Sri Lankan stocks edged down on Tuesday from (...)

Taylor Review: UK should end cash in hand economy

The author of a government review into work says cash jobs should be paid (...)

Brexit may never happen - Sir Vince Cable

Labour and Tory divisions are "enormous" and the economy is "deteriorating", (...)

US jobs growth faster than expected

The US economy added 222,000 jobs last month, but wage growth remained subdued. (...)

UK manufacturing output falls and trade deficit widens

Disappointing manufacturing, trade and construction data indicate the economy (...)

UK economic data weakens, casting doubt on BoE rate hike talk

LONDON (Reuters) - Output by British factories unexpectedly fell in May, suggesting (...)

G20 leaders to address taxation of digital economy -Schaeuble on ZDF

BERLIN, July 6 (Reuters) - Leaders from the 20 leading global economies will (...)

The EU proposes pan-European pension products

THE story of the European Union is in part that of the steady accretion of (...)

UPDATE 1-Dutch inquiry calls for overhaul of trust office industry

AMSTERDAM, July 5 (Reuters) - Many trust offices based in the Netherlands (...)

Scottish economy rebounds in first quarter of 2017

Official figures show Scottish GDP grew by 0.8%, having shrunk by 0.2% in (...)

Dutch inquiry calls for overhaul of trust office industry

AMSTERDAM, July 5 (Reuters) - Many trust offices based in the Netherlands (...)

Podcast: Vorsprung durch Angst

Germany is admired for a stable economy and holding on to blue-collar jobs (...)

UPDATE 1-Ukraine software firm says computers compromised after cyber attack

KIEV, July 5 (Reuters) - The Ukrainian software firm at the centre of a cyber (...)

Ukraine software firm says computers compromised after cyber attack

KIEV, July 5 (Reuters) - A Ukrainian software firm at the centre of a cyber (...)

Australia state opposition lawmakers say they will block bank tax

SYDNEY, July 3 (Reuters) - The parliamentary opposition of the state of South (...)

UPDATE 1-Australia state opposition lawmakers say they will block bank tax

SYDNEY, July 3 (Reuters) - The parliamentary opposition of the state of South (...)

India GST: Sweeping tax reform introduced

The overhaul existing laws was carried out at a special midnight session of (...)

Savings ratio at record low as disposable income drops, says ONS

The ONS also said a burst in tax payments was a major factor in the cut in (...)

UPDATE 1-Danish businesses face labour shortage as economy picks up

COPENHAGEN, June 30 (Reuters) - The Danish economy performed better than expected (...)

UK consumers suffer longest decline in spending power since 1970s

LONDON, (Reuters) - British consumers have suffered the longest decline in (...)

Pakistan’s old economic vulnerabilities persist

THE IMF, claims Pakistan’s government, is surplus to requirements. Ministers (...)

Surge pricing

We are used to prices fluctuating on flights, taxis and hotels, but what if (...)

Haldane: UK pay has flatlined

UK pay growth has stagnated over the past decade, with one of the main causes (...)

How to Trump-proof your company

TO OUR management team: When I left the White House yesterday, after another (...)

The complicated failure of two Italian lenders

BANKS sicken slowly but die fast. For years Banca Popolare di Vicenza and (...)

US growth rate revised higher

The US economy grew at a faster pace than previously thought in the first (...)

China needs to strike balance between deleveraging and support for some sectors - IMF

DALIAN, China, June 29 (Reuters) - China needs to strike a balance between (...)

Tax software blamed for cyber-attack spread

Was the cyber-attack that hit countries around the world sourced in malware-laden (...)

Carney in driving seat in Bank of England rate tussle

LONDON (Reuters) - The Bank of England tightened its controls on lending on (...)

IMF to visit Mozambique to discuss debt audit concerns

MAPUTO, June 24 (Reuters) - The International Monetary Fund will visit Mozambique (...)

Why the falling oil price isn’t hurting markets

INVESTORS could easily get confused about the impact of oil-price rises on (...)

Why falling oil isn't hurting markets

INVESTORS could easily get confused about the impact of oil prices rises on (...)

UPDATE 2-Obamacare replacement bill takes center stage in U.S. Senate

WASHINGTON, June 22 (Reuters) - A seven-year push by U.S. Republicans to dismantle (...)

Barclays and four former executives are charged with fraud

IN 2008, as banks cracked on both sides of the Atlantic, Britain’s government (...)

The Federal Reserve risks truncating a recovery with room to run

WHEN it comes to inflation, the Federal Reserve sometimes resembles a child (...)

Spare landlords more tax changes, says CML

A "weak start" to 2017 in the UK buy-to-let sector leads mortgage lenders (...)

Obamacare replacement bill to take center stage in U.S. Senate

WASHINGTON, June 22 (Reuters) - A seven-year push by U.S. Republicans to dismantle (...)

UPDATE 1-Builder Berkeley warns of Brexit impact despite profit leap

LONDON, June 21 (Reuters) - London-focused housebuilder Berkeley posted a (...)

Mark Carney says time not right for interest rate rise

Wage growth is falling and the impact of Brexit on the economy is unclear, (...)

Czech Social Democrats pledge to cut tax for workers, tighten control of big business

* Social Democrats promise tax cuts for workers, other incentives

Brexit talks: Hammond says jobs and economy the priority

The UK should focus on protecting jobs and the economy in Brexit talks, says (...)

What history says about inequality and technology

ONE factor behind the rise of income inequality in America over the past four (...)

The Treasury publishes proposals to cut red tape

TEN days after he became America’s 45th president in January, Donald Trump (...)

Getting the most out of business taxes

ONE of the hottest debates in economic policy at the moment is how to ensure (...)

The perils of nationalisation

WHEN Jeremy Corbyn unveiled his Labour manifesto ahead of the recent British (...)

Tanzania’s firebrand leader takes on its largest gold miner

“IF THEY accept that they stole from us and seek forgiveness in front of (...)

Corporate Europe is giddy with optimism

IT IS remarkable what a difference a single election can make. “The way (...)

UK retail sales fall sharply as consumers feel the hit of Brexit vote inflation

LONDON, June 15 (Reuters) - British retail sales fell more sharply than expected (...)

UPDATE 1-World Bank approves $500 mln grant package for Afghanistan projects

WASHINGTON, June 13 (Reuters) - The World Bank on Tuesday approved financing (...)

Toshiba facing fresh demand for damages

Investors in the Japanese conglomerate seek a total of $1bn in compensation (...)

Trading tool

The earliest known script was a tool developed to help run the economy.

Podcast: Super Mario to the rescue

As the European Central Bank meets in Estonia this week, is it time for Mario (...)

Bangladesh worries about falling remittances

IT IS a mystery. Last year Bangladesh’s army of migrant workers abroad increased (...)

President Trump wants to privatise air-traffic control

IN JUNE 1956 a TWA Constellation collided with a United Air Lines DC-7 over (...)

Why government-bond yields have been falling again

EVERY year it seems that analysts and investors play a ritual game. They begin (...)

Banco Popular fails and is bought by Santander

EVEN a bank failure can be presented as a triumph. This week Banco Popular, (...)

J.P. Morgan scales back U.S. tax cut forecast, pushes out timing

NEW YORK, June 8 (Reuters) - J.P. Morgan analysts on Thursday scaled back (...)

OECD predicts fastest global growth in six years

The OECD has predicted the global economy is set to grow 3.5% this year, its (...)

Uber fires more than 20 staff after harassment investigation

The taxi-hailing firm reportedly sacks more than 20 people after a sexual (...)

Sulk but no tantrum likely as central banks sidle towards exit

LONDON (Reuters) - History suggests that financial markets react violently (...)

In Donald Trump’s America, the left rethinks its economics

DEMOCRATS thought they knew the boundaries of acceptable economic discourse. (...)

Taiwan’s economy has defied the pessimists

Tsai takes the flakTAIWAN’S president, Tsai Ing-wen, has had a tough first (...)

Global monetary policy is not tightening as expected

AT ITS outset, 2017 seemed likely to mark a turning-point for global monetary (...)

Sweden’s economy is thriving, so why is monetary policy so loose?

ON A recent balmy day, people thronged the parks and promenades of central (...)

A Turkish maker of white goods is looking outwards

FORGIVE a maker of washing machines a fondness for spin. Hakan Bulgurlu, who (...)

Eastern Bank: a 199-year-old lender becomes a tech pioneer

LIKE other local bankers, Bob Rivers is counting the cost of red tape. At (...)

The super-rich are different: they pay less tax

OF LIFE’s two certainties, death cannot be dodged even by the well-to-do. (...)

Highest rate taxpayers at record level

An estimated 364,000 people, 1.2% of taxpayers, are in the 45p tax bracket (...)

David Beckham and other celebrities lose £700m tax case

David Beckham and Ant and Dec are among those facing large tax bills after (...)

Goldman president says companies shying away from large deals

May 31 (Reuters) - Uncertainty around tax policy and political events such (...)

UPDATE 1-Goldman president says companies shying away from large deals

May 31 (Reuters) - Uncertainty around tax policy and political events such (...)

An inglorious return to Austin for Uber and Lyft

UBER and Lyft will make their triumphant return to Austin on Monday. Whether (...)

UK consumers downbeat on finances as inflation bites

LONDON (Reuters) - The rise in inflation in Britain after the Brexit vote (...)

Paradise in the Med

Malta has tried to shake off claims it is the "Panama of the EU" - but the (...)

US growth rate revised up to 1.2%

The US economy grew at a faster pace than initially thought in the first three (...)

Noble Group, a big Asian commodities trader, is teetering

THE difficulties facing Noble Group, a beleaguered Hong Kong commodities trader, (...)

How becoming a Hong Kong pensioner can save you tax

Not dodging but shufflingTHE global war on tax evasion rumbles on. What began (...)

To forecast share returns, count buy-backs as well as dividends

WHAT is the point of buying shares? Ultimately investors must hope that the (...)

What the German economic model can teach Emmanuel Macron

IT IS heartening that the euro area has a knack for surviving near-fatal crises. (...)

Donald Trump’s budget ignores what is ailing American workers

PRESIDENTIAL budget requests are worth exactly nothing. They carry no force (...)

What manifestos say about productivity

Boosting productivity is one of the key challenges for the economy. How do (...)

Reality Check: What do manifestos say about productivity?

Boosting productivity is one of the key challenges for the economy. How do (...)

RPT-With new sheriff in town, S.Korea big businesses duck for cover

SEOUL, May 21 (Reuters) - A South Korean retail giant has shelved controversial (...)

With new sheriff in town, S.Korea big businesses duck for cover

SEOUL, May 21 (Reuters) - A South Korean retail giant has shelved controversial (...)

Greece adopts more austerity measures in bailout bid

More pension cuts and tax rises are agreed as thousands protest in central (...)

Foot Locker shares plunge after weak sales

Sales decline as teens kick their mania for classic Adidas and tax refunds (...)

Police probe UK links to Magnitsky money

Police investigate how £6.6m from a Russian tax fraud has been allegedly (...)

A new anthology of essays reconsiders Thomas Piketty’s “Capital”

“A MODERN Marx” was how The Economist described Thomas Piketty three years (...)

Insurers get a new global accounting regime

LISTED firms in over 120 countries, including all large economies bar America, (...)

Countdown starts on global overhaul of insurance accounting

LONDON, May 18 (Reuters) - Insurers in over 100 countries face a "once in (...)

U.S. Treasury secretary to say 3 percent economic growth achievable

WASHINGTON, May 17 (Reuters) - Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin will tell (...)

NEWSMAKER-Macron picks pro-EU conservative Le Maire as French finance chief

PARIS, May 17 (Reuters) - Bruno Le Maire, named French economy minister on (...)

GLOBAL MARKETS-S&P on track for worst day since Sept on Trump concern

NEW YORK, May 17 (Reuters) - U.S. stocks and the dollar fell while bond prices (...)

Lloyds chief executive Antonio Horta Osorio welcomes the end of government ownership

Lloyds chief executive Antonio Horta Osorio welcomes the end of government (...)

Old McDonnell has a plan. He eyes IOUs

WITH the Labour Party 17 percentage points behind in the opinion polls, it (...)

Greek economy sinks back into recession

Official figures show the Greek economy contracts for the second consecutive (...)

Labour manifesto: Extra £48.6bn in tax revenue to fund pledges

Jeremy Corbyn pledges more free childcare, billions for the NHS and to scrap (...)

Large hedge funds moved out of financial stocks in first quarter

NEW YORK, May 15 (Reuters) - Several big-name hedge fund investors trimmed (...)

Battle ground

Why the debate over exactly who should pay tax - and how much - is so difficult (...)

India needs to curb a borrowing spree by its state governments

WHICH Indian state sounds more likely to repay a loan: Bihar, the country’s (...)

Africa’s informal economy is receding faster than Latin America’s

COMMON to all men, according to Adam Smith, is “the propensity to truck, (...)

Delay seen, again, on Trump growth agenda after Comey sacking

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Not even a week after the Trump administration and Congress (...)

RPT-UPDATE 1-ING Q1 underlying pretax profit up 39 pct, beats expectations

AMSTERDAM, May 10 (Reuters) - ING Groep, the largest Dutch financial services (...)

Australia budget 2017: Treasurer unveils big banks tax

Treasurer Scott Morrison delivers his first budget since the government was (...)

UPDATE 1-Ex-SEC accountant settles charges over illegal options trades

WASHINGTON, May 9 (Reuters) - A former accountant at the U.S. Securities and (...)

Macron to take time reforming economy in divided France

BERLIN/PARIS (Reuters) - After a decade of slow growth, rising unemployment (...)

Hanging up the microphone

As he continues on his farewell tour, the country singer looks back on his (...)

UK house price growth remains at near four-year low - Halifax

LONDON (Reuters) - British house price growth remains at its weakest level (...)

From two would-be Fed leaders, the central bank needs to change

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 5 (Reuters) - Unemployment is at a decade low, the (...)

Investors are both bullish and skittish about share prices

TEN years ago this month investors were pretty confident. True, there were (...)

Euro-area GDP growth outpaces America’s

THE appeal of GDP is that it offers, or seems to, a summary statistic of how (...)

America’s Treasury ponders issuing 40-, 50- or 100-year bonds

HOW can governments borrow most cheaply? The answer matters hugely for taxpayers. (...)

New car registrations dive 20% after tax increase

The industry says car buyers rushed to buy new cars ahead of a Vehicle Excise (...)

Puerto Rico declares bankruptcy at last

THE government of Puerto Rico said in 2015 that the island could not pay its (...)

May pledges not to increase VAT, quiet on other taxes

LONDON (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Sunday she would (...)

Federal Reserve: US economic slowdown temporary

The US Federal Reserve says it expects the economy to pick up again after (...)

Protecting American steel from imports makes no sense

AS AN example of all that is wrong with Donald Trump’s view of trade, the (...)

In the small print

Donald Trump is expected to announce a tax plan that would lower rates for (...)

Olympus scandal: Former bosses to pay $529m over fraud

A Tokyo court rules six men must compensate the Japanese firm and its shareholders (...)

UK economy grows by 0.3% as service sector slows

UK economic growth slowed by more than expected at the start of the year as (...)

Steven Mnuchin gets started on tax reform but there is more to do

OF THE things that investors and bosses have come to like about Donald Trump, (...)

Reducing rates for “pass-through” businesses will be tough to justify

THERE are two main reasons for a country to paw around in its tax code: to (...)

The markets are uninspired by the Trump tax plan

REMEMBER why the "Trump bump" began, all the way back in November? The rationale (...)

May refuses to rule out personal tax hikes after election

LONDON (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Theresa May refused on Saturday (...)

UK consumer morale softens in first quarter on price worries - Deloitte

LONDON (Reuters) - British consumer confidence softened last month in the (...)

America’s big banks have an encouraging first quarter

WHAT a difference a year makes. When America’s big banks reported first-quarter (...)

The IMF nudges up its forecast for global growth

APRIL is the cruellest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land, and, in (...)

Facing the future

They may threaten the human workforce, but they are crucial to the modern (...)

Reality Check

About 90% of income tax is paid by the richest 50% of taxpayers.

Jet-propelled sky taxi tested in Germany

Plane-maker Lilium hopes to launch a five-seater sky taxi service in the future. (...)

Why the Federal Reserve should keep its balance-sheet large

HOW much money should exist? The Federal Reserve must soon confront this deep (...)

The mysterious quiescence of the gold market

AMERICA has bombed Syria, and its relations with Russia have deteriorated. (...)

The EFTA countries show how hard Brexit will be for Britain

NORWAY offers much to envy. The food is tasty, public services are great and (...)

America has a retirement problem, not a saving problem

HOUSE Resolution 67, which Donald Trump signed last week, rolls back a rule (...)

The markets adjust their Brexit calculations

SOMETIMES the markets are genuinely surprised. On the morning of April 18th, (...)

Starbucks says Brexit vote partly behind UK profit fall

The coffee giant blames a slowing economy and the effect of the Brexit vote (...)

Tesco full-year pre-tax profits hit by fine

The supermarket giant took a £235m charge after it was fined over its accounting (...)

Portugal Fiscal Expenditure

Fiscal expenditure in Portugal amounted to EUR 50.36 billion in 2016. Fiscal (...)

Portugal GDP Growth Rate

The Portuguese economy advanced 0.6 percent on quarter in the last three months (...)

Portugal GDP Annual Growth Rate

The Portuguese economy expanded 2 percent year-on-year in the last quarter (...)

Portugal Government Budget

The Portuguese government reported a EUR 3.8 billion deficit in 2016, equivalent (...)

Portugal Government Revenues

Government Revenues in Portugal decreased to 3081 EUR Million in January from (...)

Portugal Government Spending

Government Spending in Portugal increased to 8385.70 EUR Million in the fourth (...)

Portugal Social Security Rate

The Social Security Rate in Portugal stands at 34.75 percent. Social Security (...)

Portugal Economic Activity YoY

Portuguese economic activity expanded 1.2 percent year-on-year in January (...)

Portugal Personal Income Tax Rate

The Personal Income Tax Rate in Portugal stands at 56.50 percent. Personal (...)

Portugal Retail Sales MoM

Retail Sales in Portugal increased 3.10 percent in February of 2017 over the (...)

Portugal Industrial Production MoM

Industrial Production in Portugal decreased 0.70 percent in February of 2017 (...)

Portugal Sales Tax Rate | VAT

The Sales Tax Rate in Portugal stands at 23 percent. Sales Tax Rate in Portugal (...)

Portugal Corporate Tax Rate

The Corporate Tax Rate in Portugal stands at 21 percent. Corporate Tax Rate (...)

How Chávez and Maduro have impoverished Venezuela

IT IS hard to convey the severity of Venezuela’s unfolding crisis. Its extent (...)

Black market

How a 119% tax on tea imports in the 1750s helped smuggling become a vital (...)

Environment: a source of future economic growth in Portugal

Despite Portugal’s economic and political challenges, it is still committed (...)

Portugal: rebalancing the economy and returning to growth through job creation and better capital allocation

Low growth and huge current account deficits have characterised the Portuguese (...)

Taxing Wages: Country note for Portugal

The average worker in Portugal faced a tax burden on labour income (tax wedge) (...)

Portugal: Deepening structural reform to support growth and competitiveness

Having been hit hard by the global crisis, the Portuguese government has taken (...)

Fundamental reforms paving the way for economic recovery in Portugal, OECD says

Fundamental reforms have helped put the Portuguese economy back on the right (...)

Revenue Statistics and Consumption Tax Trends 2014: Key findings for Portugal

The tax burden in Portugal increased by 2.2 percentage points from 31.2% to (...)

International community continues making major progress to end tax evasion

The Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes (...)

Revenue Statistics: Key findings for Portugal

The tax burden in Portugal declined by 0.1 percentage points from 34.5% to (...)

Taxing Wages: Portugal

The tax burden on labour income is expressed by the tax wedge, which is a (...)

Portugal: Successful reforms have underpinned economic recovery

The Portuguese economy is gradually recovering from a deep recession thanks (...)

Ireland’s food industries would be worst hit by a hard Brexit

IN 1962 Tony O’Reilly, head of the Irish Dairy Board, had an idea that would (...)

The Economist

VAT,taxes,tax,accounting,accountant,portugal,horizon 2020,european funds,social (...)

The Economist

VAT,taxes,tax,accounting,accountant,portugal,horizon 2020,european funds,social (...)

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