Why 2.3 million US children could miss out on expanded tax credit

About 67 million US children are eligible for new benefits, but some of the (...)

Barclaycard customers face higher minimum payments

The changes affecting some customers take effect as finances are squeezed (...)

Why stock markets are defying a shrinking economy

Some of the reasons shares are disconnected from the real economy.

Coronavirus: Disney heir and Ben & Jerry’s call for higher taxes

Some of the world’s richest people want governments to raise taxes on them (...)

UPDATE 3-Bank of England slows bond purchases as it sees some recovery signs

The Bank of England slowed the pace of its huge bond-buying programme on Thursday (...)

Australia shares rise as virus restrictions set to ease; NZ also up

Australian shares rose over 1% on Friday as risk sentiment improved on the (...)

Fund managers looking at medical tests, Europe, for signs U.S. economy can reopen

Some investors are wary about buying into a recent stock market rally. Even (...)

Jordan IMF programme needs adjusting after coronavirus -central bank governor

Jordan is in discussions with the IMF seeking to change some of the objectives (...)

UPDATE 1-Portugal to help firms through coronavirus, tough measures in place

Portugal moved to help businesses weather the coronavirus epidemic on Friday (...)

UPDATE 4-Fed provides massive liquidity injection to calm markets amid signs of stress

The Federal Reserve moved to stem a market meltdown on Thursday with offers (...)

Targeted insurance offers hotels some relief in coronavirus fight

* Interactive graphic https://tmsnrt.rs/2VAT4xF on January hotel performance (...)

UPDATE 4-Argentina creates external debt unit, economy bill moves to Senate

Argentina appointed a government team to kick off talks with creditors to (...)

Flying cars could lure investors away from ground-based services -survey

Electric air taxis — known colloquially, if somewhat misleadingly, as "flying (...)

REFILE-UPDATE 1-Fewer Chinese cities report home price gains in Oct

New home prices in China maintained steady growth in October but fewer cities (...)

Why Booker shortlist is more taxing for some readers

Publishers say VAT charged on e-books and audiobooks unfairly pushes up prices (...)

Would you accept a loss to keep your money safe?

Some pension fund investors are paying to hold government bonds due to fears (...)

Tory leadership contest: Do tax plans add up?

Some of the contenders are pledging big tax cuts.

Column: Funds sell oil as economic fears trump supply threats

Hedge funds continued to liquidate some of their bullish position in oil last (...)

Corbyn-proof? British water, power firms take nationalisation precautions

British water and power firms are trying to soothe nerves over nationalisation (...)

YOUR MONEY-Meditate to the tax finish line

Stressed out by the tax deadline on April 15? Yes, of course, there is (...)

UPDATE 2-Powell: Fed can be patient as U.S. economy evolves in 2019

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said on Thursday the U.S. central bank (...)

European shares edges up as earnings flurry quells Fed angst

European shares opened slightly higher on Thursday as a flurry of corporate (...)

Weak data throws wrench into long China stock rally but Hong Kong rises

SHANGHAI, Sept 15 (Reuters) - Chinese stocks paused on Friday and looked set (...)

A legal vulnerability at the heart of China’s big internet firms

COMPANIES’ legal structures are usually mind-numbing fare. But occasionally (...)

Give us some clarity on Brexit, French minister Griveaux tells UK

LONDON, Sept 13 (Reuters) - The British government needs to provide more clarity (...)

Governments need to rethink their attitudes to debt

GOVERNMENTS do not always make the best budget managers. Assuming it avoids (...)

Does ageing explain America’s disappointing wage growth?

WHEN America’s unemployment was last as low as it has been recently, in (...)

Danish govt seeks cuts in capital gains tax

COPENHAGEN, Aug 30 (Reuters) - The Danish government on Wednesday proposed (...)

UPDATE 1-With Congo finances collapsing, desperate government has few options

* Lack of work drives some to crime (Adds additional VTB comment)

China stocks rise after promise to widen role for foreign investors

SHANGHAI, Aug 17 (Reuters) - Industrial and materials stocks lifted China (...)

Research points to a new explanation of “Dutch disease”

IN 1959 geologists discovered 2.8trn cubic metres of natural gas—the largest (...)

Investors are not great at predicting politics

FINANCIAL markets are supposed to be the font of all wisdom, weighing up the (...)

Tech stocks have regained their dotcom-era highs

CAST your mind back to when Bill Clinton was president, Tony Blair and Vladimir (...)

Turkey working on corporate tax cuts in strategic sectors - minister

ANKARA, July 24 (Reuters) - Turkey is working on corporate tax cuts in some (...)

Pakistan’s old economic vulnerabilities persist

THE IMF, claims Pakistan’s government, is surplus to requirements. Ministers (...)

China needs to strike balance between deleveraging and support for some sectors - IMF

DALIAN, China, June 29 (Reuters) - China needs to strike a balance between (...)

Barclays and four former executives are charged with fraud

IN 2008, as banks cracked on both sides of the Atlantic, Britain’s government (...)

The Federal Reserve risks truncating a recovery with room to run

WHEN it comes to inflation, the Federal Reserve sometimes resembles a child (...)

Sweden’s economy is thriving, so why is monetary policy so loose?

ON A recent balmy day, people thronged the parks and promenades of central (...)

Eastern Bank: a 199-year-old lender becomes a tech pioneer

LIKE other local bankers, Bob Rivers is counting the cost of red tape. At (...)

To forecast share returns, count buy-backs as well as dividends

WHAT is the point of buying shares? Ultimately investors must hope that the (...)

Donald Trump’s budget ignores what is ailing American workers

PRESIDENTIAL budget requests are worth exactly nothing. They carry no force (...)

Insurers get a new global accounting regime

LISTED firms in over 120 countries, including all large economies bar America, (...)

Hanging up the microphone

As he continues on his farewell tour, the country singer looks back on his (...)

America’s Treasury ponders issuing 40-, 50- or 100-year bonds

HOW can governments borrow most cheaply? The answer matters hugely for taxpayers. (...)

Puerto Rico declares bankruptcy at last

THE government of Puerto Rico said in 2015 that the island could not pay its (...)

Steven Mnuchin gets started on tax reform but there is more to do

OF THE things that investors and bosses have come to like about Donald Trump, (...)

Reducing rates for “pass-through” businesses will be tough to justify

THERE are two main reasons for a country to paw around in its tax code: to (...)

The IMF nudges up its forecast for global growth

APRIL is the cruellest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land, and, in (...)

The markets adjust their Brexit calculations

SOMETIMES the markets are genuinely surprised. On the morning of April 18th, (...)

Portugal: Deepening structural reform to support growth and competitiveness

Having been hit hard by the global crisis, the Portuguese government has taken (...)

Ireland’s food industries would be worst hit by a hard Brexit

IN 1962 Tony O’Reilly, head of the Irish Dairy Board, had an idea that would (...)

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