Interest rates expected to be held after small economic growth

Higher borrowing costs are weighing on the UK, say analysts, after the economy (...)

Labour rules out wealth tax if party wins next election

Shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves says extra money for public services must (...)

Sri Lanka: $3bn IMF bailout for struggling economy

The deal is a lifeline for the country which is facing its worst economic (...)

Global recession warning as World Bank cuts economic forecast

The 2023 growth forecast for the global economy is cut to 1.7% as a result (...)

Google and Microsoft hit by slowing economy

The tech giants say customers are cutting back amid growing signs of an economic (...)

Kwasi Kwarteng U-turns on plans to scrap 45p tax rate

Kwasi Kwarteng says the proposal was "drowning out a strong package" to boost (...)

Liz Truss admits disruption after tax cut pledges

The prime minister acknowledges that her economic plans will "involve disruption (...)

Minister rejects U-turn on tax-cutting mini-Budget

Financial Secretary to the Treasury Andrew Griffith said they were the "right (...)

Labour conference: Rachel Reeves pledges to spend top rate tax on more nurses

The shadow chancellor says Labour is now the party of economic responsibility (...)

Will Nadhim Zahawi change tack on the economy?

All eyes are on whether the new chancellor adopts a different approach to (...)

Ukraine brings significant economic uncertainty, Rishi Sunak warns

The UK economy rebounds in January but the chancellor warns of uncertainty (...)

US economy grows at fastest pace in decades

Economic activity jumped by 5.7% in 2021, but analysts expect growth to slow (...)

China cuts interest rates as economic growth slows

Compared to a year earlier, the economy grew 4% in the last three months of (...)

World Bank warns global economy faces grim outlook

The bank predicts a "pronounced slowdown", with global economic growth falling (...)

UK economic growth slows as supply problems hit the recovery

The economy grew by 1.3% between July and September, with supply chain problems (...)

OECD: Lockdowns here to stay, even with vaccine plan

The economic think-tank tips a better economy in 2021 but success will depend (...)

What is the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)?

The deal is almost a decade in the making and covers nearly a third of the (...)

UK economic growth slows despite restaurant boost

The economy grew 2.1% in August, below expectations, despite a lift from Eat (...)

Pace of UK economic growth slows in August

The economy expanded by 2.1%, helped by the Eat Out to Help Out scheme, but (...)

‘Raise sick pay’ to lower virus health and economic risks

It would manage a "crude" trade-off between lives and jobs as the UK economy (...)

Coronavirus: How the financial shockwave is affecting jobs and money

With the UK facing a severe economic downturn, what is the outlook for our (...)

Powell repeats Fed to use full range of tools to aid economy

With a full U.S. economic recovery out of reach until the coronavirus pandemic (...)

UPDATE 1-Bank of Israel leaves rates unchanged, sees less economic damage in 2020

The Bank of Israel left its benchmark interest rate at 0.1% on Monday, saying economic (...)

Norway well placed to handle economic fallout from pandemic chief

The Norwegian economy is well positioned to weather the sharp downturn caused (...)

UPDATE 1-Norway well placed to handle economic fallout from pandemic chief

The Norwegian economy is well positioned to weather the sharp downturn caused (...)

UPDATE 2-IMF chief warns full global economic recovery unlikely in 2021

The global economy will take much longer to recover fully from the shock caused (...)

Funds suggest cutting stocks, expect U-shaped global economic recovery: Reuters poll

Global funds recommended an increase in bond holdings to the highest level (...)

Pricing the benefits of cheap oil in a world of economic lockdowns

The oil price collapse that took U.S. crude prices sub-zero for the first (...)

Jordan PM says state finances under strain by impact of coronavirus

Jordan Prime Minister Omar al Razzaz said on Thursday spending priorities (...)

UPDATE 4-Morgan Stanley CEO: coronavirus will continue to pose challenges

Morgan Stanley Chief Executive Officer James Gorman told shareholders on Thursday (...)

European stock index futures slide as coronavirus damage grows

European stock index futures fell more than 3% on Wednesday as dismal economic (...)

Australian shares drop as virus fears eclipse support packages; NZ down

* Containment efforts would hurt economy - Capital Economics (Updates to close) (...)

Coronavirus: Chancellor unveils £350bn lifeline for economy

Rishi Sunak announces "unprecedented" help for companies as the economy goes (...)

U.S. officials talk down coronavirus market panic, tout economic strength

Trump administration officials on Sunday tried to calm market panic that the coronavirus (...)

China and HK stocks climb as Beijing steps up support for virus-hit economy

China stocks rallied on Monday, led by start-up companies which surged to (...)

INDUSTRY VIEWS-India budget focuses on tax cuts, farm spending to revive growth

Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Saturday unveiled the budget (...)

Majority of CEOs expect global economy to cool in PwC survey

More than half of chief executives in an annual survey by PwC expect a slowdown (...)

UK economic growth slowest since early 2009

The economy sees the weakest three months for more than a decade as growth (...)

General election 2019: What to look out for on the economy

BBC Business Editor Faisal Islam looks at the economic issues at stake in (...)

Column: Hedge funds sell oil as global economy deteriorates

Hedge funds are becoming more pessimistic about the outlook for oil prices (...)

Kuwait sovereign fund in portfolio shift on signs of global economic weakness -report

The Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) began increasing its exposure to bonds (...)

UPDATE 2-Protest-hit Hong Kong unveils $2.4 bln economic support package

* Govt backs growth with subsidies, tax perks, loan guarantees

UK jobs data shows strong economic fundamentals - Javid

Labour market data showing the fastest pay growth in 11 years and more people (...)

Irish consumer sentiment inches higher in June

Irish consumer sentiment inched higher in June following strong domestic economic (...)

Sri Lanka stocks close little changed in thin trade; rupee edges up

Sri Lankan shares ended almost flat in dull trade on Thursday, but posted (...)

Column: Funds sell oil as economic fears trump supply threats

Hedge funds continued to liquidate some of their bullish position in oil last (...)

WRAPUP 3-Chill in global economy prompts G20 call for trade truce

The risk that global economic growth could slow more than expected spurred (...)

SE Asia Stocks-Eke out small gains as global growth concerns return

Southeast Asian stocks edged higher in thin trading on Thursday as investors (...)

Bank of England sees weakest UK outlook since 2009 on Brexit, global slowdown

The Bank of England said Britain faces its weakest economic growth in a decade (...)

Portugal can use its economic recovery to build up resilience

Portugal’s economic recovery is now well established, with GDP back to pre-crisis (...)

Clouds gathering over global economy

BBC World Service economics correspondent Andrew Walker looks at what 2019 (...)

Stanley Fischer and the twilight of technocracy

IN 2004 Stanley Fischer described the wonder he felt as an economics student (...)

Goldman Sachs announces a change in strategy

IT IS not easy to feel pity for Goldman Sachs. Its alumni lord it in pivotal (...)

The Fed prepares for its balance-sheet—and its board—to shrink

NINE years ago, in the autumn of 2008, the Federal Reserve was fighting a (...)

Canadian small business lending rises in July as economy grows

OTTAWA, Sept 13 (Reuters) - Lending to Canadian small businesses climbed to (...)

Capacity cuts in China fuel a commodity rally and a debate

STEEL ran in Zhang Cheng’s family for three generations. His grandfather (...)

Exchange-rate shifts have helped the global economy

STICKLERS for value have plenty of reasons to frown at financial markets. (...)

Governments need to rethink their attitudes to debt

GOVERNMENTS do not always make the best budget managers. Assuming it avoids (...)

RPT-Foreigners dump Japan stocks as N.Korea, yen take gloss off bright economic news

TOKYO, Sept 6 (Reuters) - Foreign investors are ditching Japanese stocks, (...)

On NAFTA, Donald Trump’s most dangerous opponents are at home

EVER game for a fight, President Donald Trump is picking one again with Canada (...)

Of Indian banknotes cancelled last year, 99% are accounted for

ON NOVEMBER 8th 2016, Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister, stunned its (...)

Lending to UK consumers cools as economic confidence ebbs

LONDON (Reuters) - Lending to British consumers expanded at the weakest pace (...)

The “free” economy comes at a cost

FACEBOOK, whose users visit for an average of 50 minutes a day, promises members: (...)

Does ageing explain America’s disappointing wage growth?

WHEN America’s unemployment was last as low as it has been recently, in (...)

UPDATE 1-Lending to UK consumers cools as economic confidence ebbs

* Consumer credit growth weakest since April 2016 - BoE * European Commission (...)

Australia Q2 construction spending booms, in boost to economy

SYDNEY, Aug 30 (Reuters) - Australian construction spending boasted its biggest (...)

Why Africa’s development model puzzles economists

IT IS easy to buy a rolex in Uganda—albeit not one that will tell the time. (...)

China modernises its monetary policy

QIN SHIHUANG was the emperor who first unified China, through bloody conquest (...)

Research points to a new explanation of “Dutch disease”

IN 1959 geologists discovered 2.8trn cubic metres of natural gas—the largest (...)

Investors are not great at predicting politics

FINANCIAL markets are supposed to be the font of all wisdom, weighing up the (...)

How crisis-hit economies become investment darlings

NAWAZ SHARIF is the ex-prime minister of Pakistan again. His third stint in (...)

Why national accounts might be like corporate balance-sheets

THE easiest way to get an economist to laugh sardonically is to compare a (...)

UK will not cut taxes below European average after Brexit - Hammond

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain does not intend to lower taxes far below the European (...)

America’s uncompetitive markets harm its economy

“THE best of all monopoly profits is a quiet life,” wrote Sir John Hicks, (...)

Tech stocks have regained their dotcom-era highs

CAST your mind back to when Bill Clinton was president, Tony Blair and Vladimir (...)

An overhaul of Brazilian labour law should spur job creation

IN THE litany of bosses’ gripes about Brazil’s inclement business climate, (...)

Hong Kong stocks end at new 2-year peak on robust China economy, inflows

July 17 (Reuters) - Hong Kong stocks rose for the sixth straight day on Monday, (...)

The United States of debt

POLITICS in America may be an arena of mutual incomprehension with few settled (...)

Climate change and inequality

ON JULY 12, the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica disgorged a chunk of ice (...)

Britain hails Spanish investment as sign of confidence in economy

LONDON, July 13 (Reuters) - Spanish companies will commit millions of pounds (...)

UK economic data weakens, casting doubt on BoE rate hike talk

LONDON (Reuters) - Output by British factories unexpectedly fell in May, suggesting (...)

The EU proposes pan-European pension products

THE story of the European Union is in part that of the steady accretion of (...)

Podcast: Vorsprung durch Angst

Germany is admired for a stable economy and holding on to blue-collar jobs (...)

Pakistan’s old economic vulnerabilities persist

THE IMF, claims Pakistan’s government, is surplus to requirements. Ministers (...)

The complicated failure of two Italian lenders

BANKS sicken slowly but die fast. For years Banca Popolare di Vicenza and (...)

Barclays and four former executives are charged with fraud

IN 2008, as banks cracked on both sides of the Atlantic, Britain’s government (...)

The Federal Reserve risks truncating a recovery with room to run

WHEN it comes to inflation, the Federal Reserve sometimes resembles a child (...)

What history says about inequality and technology

ONE factor behind the rise of income inequality in America over the past four (...)

The Treasury publishes proposals to cut red tape

TEN days after he became America’s 45th president in January, Donald Trump (...)

Getting the most out of business taxes

ONE of the hottest debates in economic policy at the moment is how to ensure (...)

The perils of nationalisation

WHEN Jeremy Corbyn unveiled his Labour manifesto ahead of the recent British (...)

Bangladesh worries about falling remittances

IT IS a mystery. Last year Bangladesh’s army of migrant workers abroad increased (...)

Why government-bond yields have been falling again

EVERY year it seems that analysts and investors play a ritual game. They begin (...)

Banco Popular fails and is bought by Santander

EVEN a bank failure can be presented as a triumph. This week Banco Popular, (...)

J.P. Morgan scales back U.S. tax cut forecast, pushes out timing

NEW YORK, June 8 (Reuters) - J.P. Morgan analysts on Thursday scaled back (...)

In Donald Trump’s America, the left rethinks its economics

DEMOCRATS thought they knew the boundaries of acceptable economic discourse. (...)

Taiwan’s economy has defied the pessimists

Tsai takes the flakTAIWAN’S president, Tsai Ing-wen, has had a tough first (...)

Global monetary policy is not tightening as expected

AT ITS outset, 2017 seemed likely to mark a turning-point for global monetary (...)

Sweden’s economy is thriving, so why is monetary policy so loose?

ON A recent balmy day, people thronged the parks and promenades of central (...)

Eastern Bank: a 199-year-old lender becomes a tech pioneer

LIKE other local bankers, Bob Rivers is counting the cost of red tape. At (...)

The super-rich are different: they pay less tax

OF LIFE’s two certainties, death cannot be dodged even by the well-to-do. (...)

Noble Group, a big Asian commodities trader, is teetering

THE difficulties facing Noble Group, a beleaguered Hong Kong commodities trader, (...)

How becoming a Hong Kong pensioner can save you tax

Not dodging but shufflingTHE global war on tax evasion rumbles on. What began (...)

To forecast share returns, count buy-backs as well as dividends

WHAT is the point of buying shares? Ultimately investors must hope that the (...)

What the German economic model can teach Emmanuel Macron

IT IS heartening that the euro area has a knack for surviving near-fatal crises. (...)

A new anthology of essays reconsiders Thomas Piketty’s “Capital”

“A MODERN Marx” was how The Economist described Thomas Piketty three years (...)

Insurers get a new global accounting regime

LISTED firms in over 120 countries, including all large economies bar America, (...)

U.S. Treasury secretary to say 3 percent economic growth achievable

WASHINGTON, May 17 (Reuters) - Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin will tell (...)

Old McDonnell has a plan. He eyes IOUs

WITH the Labour Party 17 percentage points behind in the opinion polls, it (...)

India needs to curb a borrowing spree by its state governments

WHICH Indian state sounds more likely to repay a loan: Bihar, the country’s (...)

Africa’s informal economy is receding faster than Latin America’s

COMMON to all men, according to Adam Smith, is “the propensity to truck, (...)

Macron to take time reforming economy in divided France

BERLIN/PARIS (Reuters) - After a decade of slow growth, rising unemployment (...)


As a former economy minister, Emmanuel Macron needs to prove his economic (...)

Investors are both bullish and skittish about share prices

TEN years ago this month investors were pretty confident. True, there were (...)

Euro-area GDP growth outpaces America’s

THE appeal of GDP is that it offers, or seems to, a summary statistic of how (...)

America’s Treasury ponders issuing 40-, 50- or 100-year bonds

HOW can governments borrow most cheaply? The answer matters hugely for taxpayers. (...)

Puerto Rico declares bankruptcy at last

THE government of Puerto Rico said in 2015 that the island could not pay its (...)

Federal Reserve: US economic slowdown temporary

The US Federal Reserve says it expects the economy to pick up again after (...)

Protecting American steel from imports makes no sense

AS AN example of all that is wrong with Donald Trump’s view of trade, the (...)

UK economy grows by 0.3% as service sector slows

UK economic growth slowed by more than expected at the start of the year as (...)

Reducing rates for “pass-through” businesses will be tough to justify

THERE are two main reasons for a country to paw around in its tax code: to (...)

America’s big banks have an encouraging first quarter

WHAT a difference a year makes. When America’s big banks reported first-quarter (...)

The IMF nudges up its forecast for global growth

APRIL is the cruellest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land, and, in (...)

Why the Federal Reserve should keep its balance-sheet large

HOW much money should exist? The Federal Reserve must soon confront this deep (...)

The mysterious quiescence of the gold market

AMERICA has bombed Syria, and its relations with Russia have deteriorated. (...)

The EFTA countries show how hard Brexit will be for Britain

NORWAY offers much to envy. The food is tasty, public services are great and (...)

America has a retirement problem, not a saving problem

HOUSE Resolution 67, which Donald Trump signed last week, rolls back a rule (...)

Portugal Fiscal Expenditure

Fiscal expenditure in Portugal amounted to EUR 50.36 billion in 2016. Fiscal (...)

Portugal GDP Growth Rate

The Portuguese economy advanced 0.6 percent on quarter in the last three months (...)

Portugal GDP Annual Growth Rate

The Portuguese economy expanded 2 percent year-on-year in the last quarter (...)

Portugal Government Budget

The Portuguese government reported a EUR 3.8 billion deficit in 2016, equivalent (...)

Portugal Government Revenues

Government Revenues in Portugal decreased to 3081 EUR Million in January from (...)

Portugal Government Spending

Government Spending in Portugal increased to 8385.70 EUR Million in the fourth (...)

Portugal Social Security Rate

The Social Security Rate in Portugal stands at 34.75 percent. Social Security (...)

Portugal Economic Activity YoY

Portuguese economic activity expanded 1.2 percent year-on-year in January (...)

Portugal Personal Income Tax Rate

The Personal Income Tax Rate in Portugal stands at 56.50 percent. Personal (...)

Portugal Retail Sales MoM

Retail Sales in Portugal increased 3.10 percent in February of 2017 over the (...)

Portugal Industrial Production MoM

Industrial Production in Portugal decreased 0.70 percent in February of 2017 (...)

Portugal Sales Tax Rate | VAT

The Sales Tax Rate in Portugal stands at 23 percent. Sales Tax Rate in Portugal (...)

Portugal Corporate Tax Rate

The Corporate Tax Rate in Portugal stands at 21 percent. Corporate Tax Rate (...)

How Chávez and Maduro have impoverished Venezuela

IT IS hard to convey the severity of Venezuela’s unfolding crisis. Its extent (...)

Environment: a source of future economic growth in Portugal

Despite Portugal’s economic and political challenges, it is still committed (...)

Portugal: Deepening structural reform to support growth and competitiveness

Having been hit hard by the global crisis, the Portuguese government has taken (...)

Fundamental reforms paving the way for economic recovery in Portugal, OECD says

Fundamental reforms have helped put the Portuguese economy back on the right (...)

Portugal: Successful reforms have underpinned economic recovery

The Portuguese economy is gradually recovering from a deep recession thanks (...)

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Ireland’s food industries would be worst hit by a hard Brexit

IN 1962 Tony O’Reilly, head of the Irish Dairy Board, had an idea that would (...)

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