Do you need a team and a set of accounting and management support services in an outsourcing?

Outsourcing has become a strategic tool in business. Choosing to outsource financial and administrative processes is standardizing your processes, reducing and making your cost structure more flexible and your overall performance better. Delegate the fulfillment of specific tasks to specialists, which gives them greater freedom to focus on the growth of vital business activities.

The BMC services line, through unique and flexible competencies, helps your customers to improve business-critical processes, enabling them to maximize their competitive advantage through global, high-quality outsourcing solutions.

Our Outsourcing Solutions:

  • Outsourcing of Accounting (Financial, Analytical, Budget);
  • Outsourcing of Human Resources (Processing of Salaries, Social Security, selection, hiring, vacation marking, casualties);
  • Outsourcing of Finance and Management (Administrative Management, Financial Analysis, Treasury Management, Management Control, Analytical Accounting, Budget Management, Strategic Management).

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