Human Resources

Wage Processing

The processing of remunerations and all the administrative practices inherent to the Administrative Management of Human Resources are complex and bureaucratic tasks in the daily management of a company. It is our goal to ensure that your company fulfills all labor obligations, processes its wages properly, and has management information on human resources in good time.

Service Components:

  • Processing of Maturities;
  • Issuance of receipts and Expiration maps;
  • Communications with Social Security and ACT;
  • Sending of Map of Remunerations for Work Accident Insurance;
  • Preparation of summary of the processing (statistics of absenteeism, vacations, overtime);
  • Preparation of bank transfer map in digital format (PS2 file);
  • Independent processing;
  • Sending control alerts and support to contract management (period of experience, renewal and termination);
  • Management of Legal Pledges;
  • Elaboration of holiday maps;
  • Elaboration of Working Hours;
  • Preparation of the Single Report.

Human Resources Consulting

Elaboration of Applications to the Incentive Programs of the Institute of Employment and Professional Training.

Youth and Over-45s Impulse- TSU Reimbursement Hiring Support

    • Employment Passport
    • Professional Internship Program
    • Stimulus Measure
    • We support your company, in a practical and structured way, at the stage of preparing the application and submitting applications for reimbursement to the Employment and Vocational Training Institute.

Service Components:

  • Preparation, design and submission of the Application
  • Accompaniment (Technical and Financial Management of the execution of the project, Requests for reimbursement to the Institute of Employment and Professional Training.)

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