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"PBO | Financial & Tax Consulting" has its origins in a project started at the end of the year 2012, as an aggregator project of Official Account Technicians who, through their experience, practice and exchange of information, formed a multidisciplinary team.

We have a management model divided by areas of intervention, where Clients and processes are entrusted to the Official Accountant. The services are provided according to the needs of our Clients.

The policy of personalized and differentiated service ensures follow-up and ensures total availability and greater efficiency in the process of clarifying the clients.

In the globalized world in which we live the solution of a problem has to be analyzed from several angles, accounting, fiscal and economic. We have the solution and we work to optimize its advantages, even when, for you, they are apparent.

We believe that a Project like this can only be a winner and satisfy the needs of its Clients if it aligns with Ethics, Quality, Rigor and Professional Excellence.

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