Areas of Expertise

Business management support services

Our mission is to work with all our clients to build a sustainable position for growth and the search for results that promote solidity in an ever more competitive and fast market.

Finance and Management

Finance and Management

We work with clients in financial reviews, performance management, consolidation and reporting, treasury, systems and tools, risk and control.

Incentives and Investment Projects

Incentives and Investment Projects

We provide support as a strategic partner to access all types of incentives available to any type of organizations.

Accounting and Taxation

Accounting and Taxation

We develop the quality and services of accounting and taxation to add value to reports and information to our Customers.

Human Resources

Human Resources

The processing of remunerations and all the administrative practices inherent to the Administrative Management of Human Resources are tasks that we answer.

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Financial News

Bumper BP profits of £4bn in three months spark criticism

Strong profits lead to renewed calls for energy firms to pay more tax, with households facing high bills.

Debt ceiling: Janet Yellen warns US could run out of cash by 1 June

The Treasury Secretary has warned of "serious harm" to the economy if it hits the debt ceiling.

How taking it slow could help protect our money

A culture of instant buying, paying, and delivery brings convenience but could expose our finances to harm.

ExxonMobil reports record first-quarter profits of $11.4bn

The energy giant says the profits came despite paying about $200m (£160m) in windfall taxes in Europe.

Sri Lanka: $3bn IMF bailout for struggling economy

The deal is a lifeline for the country which is facing its worst economic crisis in over 70 years.

Corporation tax: Jeremy Hunt confirms rise to 25% from April

The chancellor confirms corporation tax will go up but opposition is expected from some Tory MPs.

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